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12 Dec 2019

What actually is a compare and contrast research paper? In simple words, it’s a paper assessing similarities and differences between two objects. The things to be compared must be of the same kind. For instance, you cannot match a book and a restaurant, but you can compare a couple of books. You can focus solely on the similarities, only on differences, or both of them.

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That's a valid option to get the job done. However, first, check out this article and learn how to pick up an amazing topic that will make your paper engaging and how to write a great C&C research work step by step!


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Compare and Contrast Research Paper Outline: Examples and Tips

To develop an outstanding compare and contrast research paper, you need to know more about the typical structure of this particular paper. In fact, there are two main schemes for this type of student work: point-by-point scheme and the block one. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Point-by-point scheme:

This option is most often used to compare things that are basically similar or when you estimate only some features or criteria.

  1. Introduction. Here you need to present your topic, things you’re going to compare, and create a concise thesis statement.
  2. Paragraph 1. Concentrate on feature 1. Think of how important is feature 1 in both of those things that you are comparing.
  3. Paragraph 2. Analyze feature 2 in the same way. There should be as many paragraphs as the features or criteria that you apply in your paper.
  4. Conclusion. Summarize the facts that you have analyzed and make a general conclusion.

Block scheme:

In cases where you need to compare completely different things, or when you need to apply multi-faceted criteria, the above plan doesn’t work well. Therefore, it’s better to choose the block scheme or the arrangement by items. This option looks as follows:

  • Paragraph 1. Analyze the thing A by selected criteria.
  • Paragraph 2. Analyze the thing B by selected criteria.

The principles of writing an introduction and conclusion are the same as in the point-by-point option.

A block scheme can also be arranged in another way. Rather than divide paragraphs for each point that you are comparing, provide one section to list similarities, and the next one to elaborate on the differences.

These tips will help you develop a reasonable outline. Now let's get down on to the topic selection.

Good Research Paper Compare and Contrast Example Topics

If you need universal and worthwhile research topics for a college paper, you can find a good one in subjects such as literature and philosophy. Literary and philosophical works are always rich in characters, events, ideas, and contradictions, so they make a great source for developing a captivating topic. Check out the following examples and get inspired!

Topic ideas on literature:

  • Greek mythology and Rome mythology.
  • Compare two famous Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Who is the best detective: Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot?
  • Comparison of Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

Topic ideas on philosophy:

  • The dichotomy of good and evil.
  • Animals and people: more differences or similarities?
  • Philosophical Ideas of Kant and Nietzsche.
  • Absolute and relative value in morality.

Interesting Compare and Contrast Research Paper Topics

Looking for a useful and relevant topic for the compare and contrast research paper that will be really interesting for you? Want the title of your paper to immediately catch the attention of the reader? Then you will probably like the ideas from the lists below – here are the most relevant and winning topics for college students.

Topic ideas on popular culture:

  • Which is better: western culture or eastern culture?
  • The positive and negative impact of Disney cartoons.
  • Ideals of female beauty: heroin chic and body positive.
  • Today's popular music vs. popular music of the 60s.

Topic ideas on social media:

  • What is better: online relationships of dating in real life?
  • Which site offers users more features – Facebook or Twitter?
  • Online advertising vs. traditional commerce: benefits and drawbacks.
  • Which is a better choice: Amazon or Netflix?

Keep in mind that the compare and contrast research paper is not just a comparison. Writing such a piece can be a challenge even if the topic seems easy to you. It requires careful assessment and in-depth analysis, so don’t forget to support your study by solid arguments and facts. Or let real masters of the craft deliver a unique meaningful paper right to your inbox!

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