20+ Bright Controversial Science Topics for Research Paper

Many students admit that controversial science topics generally are trickier than other types of research topics on this subject. The aim of controversial papers is to consider both the positive and negative aspects of a scientific issue or invention. You have to read and analyze the existing researches in order to become knowledgeable about a chosen topic and be able to present your findings to the audience. To a great extent, your future grade will depend on how successfully the area of science and a particular issue are chosen.

In this article, you’ll find a list of brilliant controversial science paper ideas, as well as professional bits of advice on picking them.

controversial science topics for research paper

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How to Choose Interesting Controversial Science Research Paper Topics?

The purpose of controversial papers is to research the issues that our society doesn’t yet have a stable opinion on. To write this type of paper, one can choose between two possibilities:

  • Present both sides of an issue, provide strong arguments, and let the readers decide which side they want to take;
  • Pick one side and try to persuade the audience that this point of view is worth following.

Many inventions in science lead to lasting controversies that are well-known to a broad audience. Research papers explain the controversies in a convincing and intelligible way. The goal of your paper is not to discuss a scientific issue or concept, but to figure if it’s good or bad.

A perfect controversial science topic should at the same time be interesting and not overly complicated to write about. It should provide credible and honest information that is useful for the audience. You should stay away from the clichéd and hackneyed topics; try to think outside the box and look at the existing scientific issues from unusual angles. Opt for the problems that affect people, their everyday life, and the future.

When looking for controversial science topics, you can check various publications such as scholar journals, magazines, and reference books; online databases, media sites, and newspapers can also offer you some good ideas. Narrow down the list to 2-3 topics that you find most interesting. Conduct background research to make sure that the topic is on-spot, involves controversy and has enough credible sources to refer to. Make detailed notes and write a draft. Stick to the standard structure: introduction, main body (with arguments in favor and against the issue), and conclusion. Edit, proofread and format the paper before submitting it.

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Winning Ideas for Controversial Science Research Papers

Here’s the list of the excellent controversial science topics that refer to the most various branches of science. We hope that they will inspire you to write an outstanding research paper that will bring you the top grade.

  • Can genes be considered responsible for lifestyle and mental disorders?
  • How significant is the impact of regular exercising on a person’s mental health?
  • What is the impact of sleep deprivation on people’s productivity?
  • How valuable are food supplements added to one’s food?
  • Are there effective methods to bridge between obesity and malnutrition?
  • Can the evolution of species by natural selection be called the major biology principle?
  • How high are the chances of excessive technology use to degenerate people’s brains?
  • How soon will the non-renewable resources on Earth run out?
  • Do the advantages of nuclear power outweigh its potential risks?
  • Should countries across the world introduce a limitation of the number of children for each person?
  • Can fossil fuels be entirely replaced by alternative energy?
  • How big is the contribution of human activity to global warming?
  • Can microbial factories become a solution of raw metals shortages?
  • Can the paleo diet of prehistoric people (consumption of meat mostly) be considered optimal for modern-day humans?
  • Is there an effective solution to the “space junk” problem?
  • Should humans look for ways to inhabit the other planets or live in space?
  • What are the cost-effective ways of capturing and using carbon dioxide?
  • What are the key challenges of environmentally-friendly plastics development?
  • Can the risks of using nanotechnology for medical purposes outweigh the benefits?
  • What are the main threats of the weakening of the honey bee colonies?
  • What are the alternatives to using antibiotics in agriculture?
  • What are the risks and advantages of using drones for warfare?

Although the process of preparing a research paper on a controversial science topic is exciting and interesting, it can also become quite challenging. At some point, you may realize that you desperately need research paper writing help. Luckily, applying to a reliable online writing company can solve your problems. Professional research paper writers will help you by suggesting the best controversial science topics, researching on them, completing the whole research paper or just its part, proofreading and formatting it.

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