Controversial Research Paper Topics to Fire Up a Good Debate

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28 Nov 2019

We argue and discuss everything with our family and friends literally every day, and this seems pretty clear and understandable. However, if we are to provide the arguments in a written form, that is when the rubber hits the road. Often professors assign the topic themselves, and all your tasks narrow down to searching for information and writing the text. But if you get the opportunity to pick up the issue on your own, it might turn real trouble with writer’s block and no excitement to do the assignment. In fact, we believe that those who can choose a subject are the lucky ones, as you can produce a paper on things turning you crank. And to prove that, we have gathered a list of mind-blowing topics - choose the one you like the most and get ready for the amazing writing journey.controversial topics for research paper

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How to Choose Good Controversial Topics to Write a Research Paper On?

When talking about discussion, the first thing you should take into consideration is brainstorming. Also, if you are searching for winning controversial ideas, try doing your research and building two options: affirmative and negative. Remember to leave some place for controversy. Your theme can be based on social, political, or moral debate questions.

And here are some simple steps to choosing the best argumentative ideas:

  1. Start with the brainstorming. Write down at least five debatable issues you are interested in covering in the paper.
  2. Narrow the list of controversial topics with the following criteria:
  • Stay away from questions for discussion that are too hackneyed. Think about your potential arguments: if you can instantly come up with 2-3 for and against this subject, don’t choose this idea. It won’t end in learning something new or expanding your knowledge.
  • Too difficult to study. Avoid the topic if there is not enough information over the issue or it’s too complicated for controversial arguments and through study.
  • It’s preferable to pick up the ideas for debate you are much into. Otherwise, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and may fail the assignment.
  • Not important. Steer clear of issues that are not significant to society at all. For instance, discussing if spring weather is more favorable than the summer one is simple, though, not meaningful.
  • Too broad or too narrow. Some topics for debate, such as US migration policy to all states or all the computer games, can turn too general, so you will spend much more time researching the issue, and your text is likely to be wishy-washy. On the other hand, some ideas might be too narrow with not enough arguments to come up with.
  1. Decide on your final choice and consider a few things:
  • What is the idea of your research paper? What do you wish the readers to understand from it?
  • Who are your readers? Will your paper be of interest to them? What are the cultural, demographic and social backgrounds of your readers?

Well-well-well, it’s time to choose your topic! Picking up any of the controversial ideas from our experts' list below can ensure an excellent research paper and a heated polemics in the class.

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Ethical Controversial Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

  • Should the government impose restrictions on the number of children in the family?
  • Should dying patients have the right to terminate their lives by euthanasia?
  • Should religion and politics be separated?
  • Should the ethnicity of a student be one of reason for their acceptance to university?
  • Should companies gather data about their customers?

List of Controversial Topics for Research Paper on Health and Medicine

  • Can universal healthcare be regarded as a human right?
  • Should condoms be free essay
  • Should the government include alternative medicine in the insurance plans?
  • Should parents be the ones to decide whether to vaccinate their children or not?
  • Should drug ads by pharmaceutical companies be allowed?

Controversial Topics for Research Papers for College Students on Technologies

  • Are social media platforms to blame for fake news posted by users on these websites?
  • Should parents be allowed to monitor the activity on cell phones, as well as the location of their children?
  • Should mobile devices and other gadgets (for example, Apple) be priced equally around the globe?
  • Are social media websites a good cause or it’s the end of privacy?
  • Is current technology, artificial intelligence in particular, too advanced for people?

No matter which idea you stop on, any of these debatable topics ensure the attractiveness of your research paper or another project. If you feel you still need some assistance, you are always free to hire the best research paper service to get the job done despite any hardships. Just message us, ‘Write my paper for me!’ and get qualified writing help from real experts without any delay!
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