Quick Tips for Outstanding Domestic Violence Research Papers

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10 Sep 2019

Annually thousands of people around the world fell victims to domestic violence. It is crucial for youth to realize how menacing it is. Hardly surprising, a domestic violence research paper is one of the most common writing assignments in colleges and universities aimed to raise awareness of the issue. How to find a topic for the successful paper? What to include in it and what is the perfect outline for research papers domestic violence? It is a highly intricate issue that requires some good insights and proper in-depth approach, so read on to get some food for thought with writing ideas.domestic violence research paper

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Research Paper Domestic Violence Writing Basics

Crafting a paper about domestic violence involves a lengthy process of planning, gathering, and analyzing information. However, it becomes much simpler when you have a prepared list of actions to guide you to success. The following offers a basic understanding of what to expect from the writing process:

  • Learn about the issue and choose the main idea

Do you know much about domestic violence issue? Check samples of papers to spark ideas, visit reliable online sources or even talk to the people who work with victims to learn valuable insights for the writing process.

  • Develop the outline and write a draft

Generally speaking, outline is a logical organization of the parts of the text: paragraphs and subparagraphs. It helps to structure the future paper and make sure you don’t miss any important thoughts. The outline is used to write a draft, so if you include enough information for each section, the further work will be much simpler for any research paper writer.

  • Write the final paper

Preparing the final draft includes polishing the content to make it look credible and presentable. Double-check reference sources, statistical data, terms, and names, ensuring they are corrected. Remember to compare the text to professor’s guidelines so that all requirements should be met.

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How to Choose Domestic Violence Research Paper Topics?

Domestic abuse can be regarded from various angles – social, economic, historical, psychological, etc. – and dispersed into hundreds of topics. This is easier said than done. Picking domestic violence research paper topics might turn out to be the hardest part for a writer. Here are a few suggestions you are welcome to try:

  • Brainstorm. Grab a pen and write down all the keywords or sentences that come up to your mind when thinking about domestic abuse. Minimize distractions and try to concentrate. As a result, you will have a list of ideas for research.
  • Browse the Internet and explore essential facts about the issue. Later they might be transformed into an excellent topic:
  1. Abusive relationships from a man’s angle.
  2. How having a weapon at home contributes to domestic violence?
  3. What are the medical effects of sexual violence?
  4. Are children who grow up in domestic violence atmosphere more likely to become abusers in future relationships?
  • Study the written works in the library or digital database. There is already a huge amount of essays, theses, and dissertation covering domestic violence. Make the list of the most interesting ones and generalize them.


Domestic Violence Research Paper Example Topics

Depending on the course you are writing a paper for, your domestic violence essay may answer social or psychological question, point out statistics and define why's and how's of a particular issue. Narrow your focus and decide on the viewpoint or position for the readers to follow. You can think about one of the questions below.

Children and adolescents:

Media and domestic violence:

The cultural context of domestic violence:

Law and domestic violence:

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Example of Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline

Below you can find a domestic violence research paper sample outline that might also be useful for writing other papers and modified in accordance with the type of research and the topic itself. Let’s pore over the main sections of your future piece of content.

  1. The abstract. Here you give a short summary of your paper so that the reader should understand if this particular topic is in line with their scientific interests. Include the purpose of your research, main trends, and findings as well as brief results.
  2. The introduction. This part is logically connected with the abstract and should present readers to the major aspects the rest of the paper will be covering. Mention why you chose this or that topic and why it is important. Highlight the approach you will be using for the discussion and don’t forget about thesis statement.
  3. The literature review. Here we recommend focussing on the most interesting information from recent researches and publications. Share statistics, include a comparison of different studies or theories, describe how approach to this topic evolved.
  4. The methodology. In this section, you should describe the methods you used to obtain and analyze information.
  5. Results. Here you report the findings of the gathered information without bias or interpretation. You can use tables or graphs to illustrate them as people tend to perceive visual data better.
  6. Conclusion. In this section, you are to sum up the disclosed information, highlight the key statements and think of new ways to explore or solve the issue.

Those are some of the tips and topics you are free to use for the domestic violence essay. Choose one, combine a couple of ideas or create your own ones. If you still can’t decide on the topic or just need writing assistance, get in touch with the online service to ask 'write my research papers' and be ready to get help from professional authors.

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