Political Research Paper Topics to Unchain Your Creativity

Good topics for political science research paper are not unlike truffles. They are delightful but hard to come by. If you are earning for the rare academic treat, rejoice. Our experts have dug up and collected in one place the best political science topics for research paper. Use them to titillate your appetite for scholarly writing.

political science research paper topics

Political Science Topics for Research Paper

Below are political science research paper topics, we’ve created for you:political science topics

  • Ways to reinstate public trust in civil servants
  • Legal and extralegal methods of public contestation
  • The principal-agent problem and public officials
  • The contribution of lobby groups to policy reversals
  • The spoils system in the developing democracies
  • Four civic responsibilities
  • Minority rule under apartheid
  • Can democratic rule prevail in oligarchies?
  • The myth of meritocracy in the US
  • Is it possible to limit the growth of administrative policy-making groups?
  • The symbiosis of corporate and government bureaucracies

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Political Issues Research Paper Topics

Here you can find political research paper topics on both perennial and current issues experienced by democracies around the globe.political issues research paper

  • Safeguards against cronyism
  • Comparative analysis of nepotism, favoritism, and cronyism
  • Key traits of failed states
  • Foreign disinformation campaigns as a means of running democracies
  • E-democracy in the age of fake news
  • The political impact of the Occupy movement of 2007-2008
  • Can political violence be justified?
  • Main distinctions between classical liberalism and economic liberalism
  • The political legacy of John Stuart Mill

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Political Science Research Methods Paper Topics

political science research methodsBefore you embark on political science research, it is crucial to draw a line between the two modes of scientific inquiry: qualitative and quantitative. Within the context of political studies, it is often important to uncover not only what people think about a particular subject but also why they think so. To this end, a qualitative research method should be employed. Common examples of qualitative research methods are one-on-one interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, observation, and record keeping among others.

Quantitative research revolves around compiling quantifiable data and employing computational/analytical techniques. The most common quantitative research methods are survey research, cross-sectional surveys, longitudinal surveys, and experimental research.

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  • Voting behavior among the elderly: Case study research
  • The impact of media coverage on political opinions: One-on-one interviews
  • Political eco-chambers in the age of Twitter: Quantitative case study
  • The effect of education on political affiliations among American citizenry: Literature review
  • Public perception of non-elected officials: Cross-sectional survey

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