Political Research Paper Topics to Unchain Your Creativity

Political papers can be too complicated and feeble if too many different ideas are scattered in them. Have to do research, but can’t make up valuable ideas? This selection of political science topics for research paper focuses on the most pressing political issues that any student with a degree in this field would need to master. Check them out and select the question for the research that is most suitable for you!

Learn how to come up with good topics for political science research paper right here! Get inspired and pick up the most suitable!

political science research paper topics

Comparative Politics Research Paper Topics Help

Good topics for political science research paper are not unlike truffles. They are delightful but hard to come by. If you are earning for the rare academic treat, rejoice. Our experts have dug up and collected in one place the best political science topics for research paper. Use them to titillate your appetite for scholarly writing.

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What to Look for When You Write Research Paper About Politics?

In order to compose decent research papers on political science, you need to select topics that will be of particular interest to you during the study. So that your article isn’t too extensive – about anything and everything at once – you should limit yourself to one particular issue. Only this way can you clearly formulate a research question according to the topic and carefully study all the details of your issue and its consequences.

Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time and effort for your research. Otherwise, your work will be half-baked. Also, it’s a good idea to find a comparative politics research paper example and study its structure and features.

You don’t have to write only about political parties in your study. Your paper may also cover such issues as international cooperation, political impacts on population or other social aspects. Here you’ll find some good topics that can be your source of inspiration.

Political Science Topics for Research Paper That Will Impress Your Teacher

Political science is one of the most exciting social sciences which analyzes political thoughts, behavior, and activities, as well as investigates the direct and indirect influence of the factual events on political arena. Students who pursue a degree in political science or study it as one of the subjects within such fields of academia as law, sociology, philosophy, history, get to write numerous research papers to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject and understanding of a particular issue they choose to explore. Political science encloses a wide variety of possible topics, and selecting the best one may often be overwhelming. Numerous ideas scattered across one work can make it overcomplex and weak. In this post, you’ll find valuable bits of advice on how to avoid mistakes and choose the best research methods when writing a research paper in political science. Besides, if you’re looking for good topics for political science research paper, you can choose one of those suggested here.

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How to Choose Good Political Science Research Paper Topics?

To a great extent, the success of your future research on political science depends on the topic you choose for it. For you to enjoy the process of working on your essay, opt for a topic that you find to be interesting. Brainstorm for ideas and write down everything that comes to your mind. To get inspired, you can look through your class notes or recent academic publications. Choose the most exciting topic and research it to make sure you can find enough relevant data. Pick one or two back-up topics.

Modify and hone your topic if necessary while researching to form the essay statement. Take detailed notes and use them to develop an outline. Keep researching and add more details to the framework before you turn it into the final draft.

When researching, refer only to credible sources such as academic journals in your school library, recent publications, text-books, PDF files, and online databases. If you find well-written research on a topic similar to yours, it can become a good sample and help you plan out your own paper.

Example of a Political Science Research Papers Outline

The structure of a research paper on political science is similar to that of the papers on many other subjects. The outline of your essay should include:

  1. A well-established introduction with a thesis statement;
  2. The body part where you provide your arguments supported by relevant information;
  3. A conclusion that sums up your research;
  4. Reference pages.

When writing your paper, make sure you stick to the format required by your teacher. It’s also important to edit, correct and proofread your paper before submitting it.

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Winning Topics for Political Science Research Papers

Further, you’ll find good research paper topics on different subjects that belong to political science field.

Comparative politics research essay topics

  • Foreign policies of the United Kingdom VS United States;
  • Parliamentary democracy versus presidential democracy;
  • Anglo-Saxon traits reflected in American government;
  • Hierarchy in the Communist Party of China VS Soviet Union.

International relations research paper ideas

  • Key ideas that shaped modern-day international relations;
  • The role of non-state actors in international relations;
  • Conflict and rivalry as the reasons for interstate war;
  • International controversies of amnesty.

Public administration research paper topics

  • Innovations applied to the private sector in the USA;
  • Compromises in environmental management;
  • Fiscal management and the role of strategic planning in it;
  • Analysis of the federal agency of emergency management.

Public law ideas for a research essay

  • The structure and main principles of the 1998 Human Rights Act;
  • Prominent legislators in the history of European law;
  • The problem of inequality in post-conflict justice;
  • Enforcement of morality through the criminal law.

Advanced ideas for an outstanding political science research paper

These topics may require more thorough research, but they will definitely impress your professor.

  • The key principles of functioning and ethics of the nonprofit organizations;
  • The influence of gender bias psychology on the decision of judges in custody battles.
  • The influence of the Citizens United Supreme Court case on the national, state, and local elections in the USA;
  • The impact of technology on the process of voting in the recent US elections;
  • What changes could modern technology bring into the process of constitution drafting?
  • Can ethnicity and race be still considered a decisive factor in the present-day US politics?
  • The role of religion in shaping political space in different world countries.

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List of General Political Issues

You don’t have to limit yourself to boring topics like politics history. Moreover, they carry minimal practical value. After all, these issues have been studied many times by many scientists. Your paper should be intriguing and even a little bit controversial. If your analysis is unique, comprehensive, and interesting, you’ll certainly score a high grade and the professor’s respect. So choose something relevant and outstanding for your study. For example, something from this list:

  • Methods of forming and promoting the image of a political leader in the conditions of the mass media society.
  • The role of technology in the manipulation of consciousness in politics.
  • Anti-globalism as a political movement, its causes, and possible results.
  • The multi-aspect character of interaction of religion and policy.
  • Secret societies and religious sects in the struggle for political power: history and modernity.

Interesting American Politics Research Paper Topics

It’s always easier and more interesting to write about your own country, right? Especially if it is a superpower nation like the USA. You can explore such issues as local policies, the presidency, the impact on other states, migration-related problems, public opinion, some aspects of history, etc. Here are some research-worthy topic ideas about American politics you can try to reveal:

  • The genesis of the American conservatism: from federalists to neoconservatives.
  • Has the US economy become stronger or weaker as a result of Trump’s internal policy?
  • Obama administration policy on information security.
  • Business and authority interaction models in the USA.
  • Evolution of political approaches to solving the problem of terrorism: the US example.

No matter how engaging the topic might be, you may find yourself lacking time to complete the assignment because of how long it takes to perform all preliminary tasks. Yet, there is an effective way out – for example, you can pay for research and then craft the paper yourself. Or you can even hire a professional research paper writer to help you with writing the piece – it’s probably better than failing your task and ruining your reputation. The main thing is – don’t forget to carefully study all the reviews about the company providing the writing services. It is worth ordering the work only if you aren’t confident in your own abilities.

Political Issues Research Paper Topics

Here you can find political research paper topics on both perennial and current issues experienced by democracies around the globe.political issues research paper

  • Safeguards against cronyism
  • Comparative analysis of nepotism, favoritism, and cronyism
  • Key traits of failed states
  • Foreign disinformation campaigns as a means of running democracies
  • E-democracy in the age of fake news
  • The political impact of the Occupy movement of 2007-2008
  • Can political violence be justified?
  • Main distinctions between classical liberalism and economic liberalism
  • The political legacy of John Stuart Mill

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Political Science Topics for Research Paper

Below are political science research paper topics, we’ve created for you:political science topics

  • Ways to reinstate public trust in civil servants
  • Legal and extralegal methods of public contestation
  • The principal-agent problem and public officials
  • The contribution of lobby groups to policy reversals
  • The spoils system in the developing democracies
  • Four civic responsibilities
  • Minority rule under apartheid
  • Can democratic rule prevail in oligarchies?
  • The myth of meritocracy in the US
  • Is it possible to limit the growth of administrative policy-making groups?
  • The symbiosis of corporate and government bureaucracies

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Political Science Research Papers On International Relations

International relations are a very broad area that lets the imagination run wild. In this field, you can come up with a lot of topics and urgent problems. They include cooperation with neighboring countries, international conflicts, the importance of world politics, analysis of the development of other states and much more. Here are some ready-made topics that you can choose or use as a model for your own ideas.

  • Problems of preserving the non-proliferation regime of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.
  • Prospects of development of Latin America and its places in the future world order.
  • International conflicts, hybrid wars, and the future system of international relations.
  • The ‘third way’ concept in the political history of the “new” UK and the European Union.

Political Science Research Methods Paper Topics

political science research methodsBefore you embark on political science research, it is crucial to draw a line between the two modes of scientific inquiry: qualitative and quantitative. Within the context of political studies, it is often important to uncover not only what people think about a particular subject but also why they think so. To this end, a qualitative research method should be employed. Common examples of qualitative research methods are one-on-one interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, observation, and record keeping among others.

Quantitative research revolves around compiling quantifiable data and employing computational/analytical techniques. The most common quantitative research methods are survey research, cross-sectional surveys, longitudinal surveys, and experimental research.

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  • Voting behavior among the elderly: Case study research
  • The impact of media coverage on political opinions: One-on-one interviews
  • Political eco-chambers in the age of Twitter: Quantitative case study
  • The effect of education on political affiliations among American citizenry: Literature review
  • Public perception of non-elected officials: Cross-sectional survey

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