How Do You Choose Economics Research Paper Topics?

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10 Jun 2019

One of the most difficult and at the same time exciting choices in your academic career is finding the topic for your first research project. This decision will have a great impact on your future, whether you will become a scholar, a top manager of a big firm, or a sole entrepreneur because it will define a subfield where your expertise and competence will be the deepest – behavioral economics, law economics, public choice theory, economic planning, etc.economics research paper topics

Before we jump right to the list of topics that will serve you as an example, let’s find out how one comes up with the project topic that accommodates all the requirements. Since this will be the topic to explore for months or even longer, apart from academic considerations, there are personal preferences you must take into account to ensure the best experience working on your project.

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Steps to take before choosing economics topics for research paper

The simplest way to choose the topic is to ask a question that you yourself want to know the answer for. This may seem an obvious thing but do make sure that the topic is interesting to you. Check Google Scholar, your college library, and other free databases in case this question has been answered before.

The next step would be to submit the suggestion for the topic to your teacher or academic adviser. Do it on the early stages. You wouldn’t want to start research only to learn that your topic is not a very good fit.

As a rule, you should narrow down the initial topic, because most of the ideas we have are too broad for a college or high school research project.

Another idea is to consider an interdisciplinary topic. In your project, you can tie the economics with subjects like sociology, business, politics, American history or psychology. By looking into ways physical geography of a particular country shaped its economy or how environmental policy of the country can influence its economic development, you can exercise your analytical skills and create a unique, memorable project with the unorthodox take on a familiar topic.

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Example topics for economics research paper

Managerial economics research paper topics

Managerial economics seeks to apply economic concepts and theories to solve practical business problems. Some of the research paper topics for managerial economics could look like this:

Labor economics research paper topics

Labor economics looks into the dynamics of labor markets and wage labor (human being as opposed to means of production, land, and capital). The research topics in this branch of economics look like this:

Health economics research paper topics

Health economics deals with the disparities in living standards, access to health care, and outcomes for people and economy. The topics can offer the analysis of health costs, government and employer-sponsored health insurance, and so on. For instance:

Public economics research paper topics

Public economics employs analytical and scientific methods to establish whether or not and to what extent the government should interfere in economic markets with regard to economic efficiency and equity. The discipline’s main purpose is to improve social welfare. As an example, some of the topics found on the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) website include:

Agricultural economics research paper topics

Agricultural economics applies economic theory for more efficient production and distribution of food and fiber. It searches for a balance between improvement of land usage and boosting crop yield without negative impact on the environment.

Topics for economics research paper international finance

International finance is the branch of economics that studies macroeconomic relations between countries, the global financial system, exchange rates, foreign investments, and such. Some of the topics for research papers in this field may sound as follows:

Research paper topics for international economics and trade

International economics and trade studies differences in resources and consumer preferences in different countries and the effects of those differences upon goods-and-services flows across international boundaries, thus connecting micro and macro economics. Research topics can look into the following matters:

High school economics research paper topics

Economics in high school doesn’t go into the particulars found within the focus of specific branches, such as public, agricultural, or behavioral economics. Instead, it aims to familiarize students with 51 key concepts of economics organized into five categories: fundamental economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, and personal finances.

Even with this limited curriculum, a lesson plan can barely scratch the surface of the topic, so high school students often get assigned research papers to deepen their understanding of these concepts. Some examples include:

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