Best Ideas of Geography Research Paper Topics

Not surprisingly, writing a geography research paper may be a difficult challenge. After all, you need not only collect information from available sources but also conduct an in-depth analysis and draw meaningful conclusions.

This difficult task may turn out to be easier if you divide it into achievable stages. And of course, the first and most crucial step is to choose a topic to be studied. Picking up a sustainable thesis can be harder than doing the research itself.

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geography research paper topics

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Economic Topics for Geography Research Papers

Economic geography studies the patterns and characteristics of the territorial organization of the economy in different countries and regions. As a result, it becomes possible to predict future changes in the geography of the economy, as well as the possibility of determining a more rational territorial structure of this economy. Here are some aspects you can explore in this area:

  • Natural resource base and geography of the US industry.
  • The role of marine basins in the economic relations of countries.
  • Features of the Japanese economic model. Japan’s place in the world economic system and the international division of labor.
  • Cyclical trends in the geographical division of labor: a shift from the development of the industrial sector to the development of the services sector.

Cultural Geography Research Paper Example Topics

Cultural geography is one of the leading branches of science, along with economic, social, and political geography. It studies ethnic geography, the geography of languages, religions, art, etc. Therefore, if you need an interesting and relevant topic – check out the list of following cultural geography issues:

  • Ancient heritage monuments in the structure of geocultural space.
  • The role of women in Chinese society.
  • Geographical aspects of the study of world religions.
  • The educational systems in eastern and western cultures.

Physical Geography Topics for a Geography Research Paper

Physical geography is a whole system of sciences that study the structure, dynamics, and functioning of the geographical envelope and its structural parts. The main goal of this science is to understand how efficiently society extracts and uses natural resources, develops the territory. Therefore, in this area, it is easy to find a topic for a research paper that will be of interest to you.

The Study of the Biosphere and Geographic Envelope

The reason for the origin of life remains a mystery, but its mechanisms and the final form are quite accessible for study. Moreover, the environment changes over time, because it is under the influence of its inhabitants and is constantly filled with products of their vital functions. Check out topics on biosphere issues and choose the most outstanding one:

  • Forms of organization of living matter on the planet.
  • Environmental determinism and environmental nihilism.
  • The origin and evolution of the biosphere.
  • The rhythm in the geographical envelope and its causes.

Landscape Geochemistry Issues

As you already understood, the geography of the environment can be explored from different angles. Landscape geochemistry is one of the most challenging fields of research. Here, we’ve collected topics that will help you begin your acquaintance with this seemingly complex science:

  • Forms and types of migration of chemical elements.
  • The vertical structure of the atmosphere. Features of the gas composition of air and its determining factors.
  • The main gases of the atmosphere and their significance (emission, concentration, and importance).
  • Elementary geochemical landscapes and their characteristics.

Typical Questions in Soil Science

The study of anthropogenic soils and anthropogenic transformations of the soil cover, the forecast of possible evolution during natural and anthropogenic changes in the factors of soil formation, the provision of global environmental functions, the classification of soils to resolve the world’s land resources issues – all this is far from a complete list of what you can analyze in your research work.

Look at the ready-made paper ideas for college students studying geography:

  • Endogenous geological processes and their role in the formation of the Earth
  • Anthropogenic factors of soil formation.
  • The color of soil horizons. The dependence of soil color on the physicochemical properties of its constituent substances.
  • Acidity and alkalinity of the soil: measures to regulate them.

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