Thought-Provoking Global Issues Topics for Essays and Research Papers

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23 Jan 2020

Global issues can be defined as problems that have a substantial effect on the world community. They can range from minor issues to significant to catastrophic disasters that threaten the existence of the human race. Global issues can be categorized into political, economic, social, and environmental. Regarding the diversity of the present-day society and the level of its globalization, the subject of world issues offers students a wide variety of research topics, and often choosing just one becomes a difficult task.

global issues research topics

In this article, we provide some useful writing tips and offer a list of exciting global issues research topics that will help you enjoy the process of researching and writing and score high. In case you're pressed for time, remember that the optional way to get the job done with the minimum fuss – be it selecting a topic or crafting an entire piece – is ordering it at!


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Tips on Choosing the Best Global Issues Topics for Research Papers

It is common for teachers to let students decide which topic on global issues they choose for their research paper. We recommend you to opt for the one which sparks your vivid interest because researching and writing on it will become an exciting process. To pick a particular event, you can look through the recent scientific publications, roam the online forums, or even turn to mass media and social networks to get the latest news. Often, current global issues topics can become a good option. Looking for a research topic may seem to be a challenging task, but what do you do once the theme is chosen? Research works on world events may differ from student papers on other subjects.

First of all, you should understand that it’s impossible to calculate all possible causes and consequences of each particular event; no one can define which impact it will have on the rest of the world. In fact, there are very few events that have an undoubtful and proven influence. That’s why when assigned to a research paper on global issues, all you can do is make suggestions and try to find some unique correlations. But even if you don’t find any solid proofs, don’t worry - sometimes our world is too unpredictable.

Despite all that, you still should try to collect all possible data. Always refer only to official sources and provide reliable and checked statistics. Don’t be afraid to make some unexpected suggestions. Once you’ve chosen an event, brainstorm in order to find all possible bonds, then pick one direction and research on it. Make detailed notes and use them for planning and writing your paper. Don’t forget to revise, proofread and format the work before submission.


Impressive Global Issues Research Paper Topics

Here we suggest a variety of research topics on global issues: from easy and interesting ones for middle school students to more complex ideas for students in high school and colleges.


Gripping Persuasive Essay Topics Global Issues

A persuasive essay (otherwise called an argumentative essay) is an academic work in which you should use reason and logic to convince the audience that your point of view on a particular question is more legitimate than all others. While persuasive essays on narrow subjects are considered to be rather tricky, writing on such a broad playing field as global issues can become a real challenge. The good news is that the large scale of world issues can play to your advantage because in every issue you can find a niche that can be turned into your personal position and become the central point of the paper.

Research papers on global issues often require much time, extensive research and excellent writing skills. If you find yourself in need of help with research paper on world issues, you can apply to the best research paper writing service. A team of experienced writers working at will create an impeccable and fully customized research work upon your request.


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