Best Global Warming Research Papers Topics

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08 Nov 2019

Global warming poses a number of serious issues for humanity. Before, only climate experts were interested in global climate changes; today, these changes have become the focus of the attention of economists, sociologists, engineers, biologists, doctors and, of course, students.

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose an interesting topic, what to look for and what to write about in your global warming research warming research paper topics

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Sample Global Warming Topics for Research Paper for High School

To write an outstanding global warming and climate change research paper, you must first create a detailed outline of such work. Scientific articles have a clear structure, the absence of which will negatively affect your overall score. In other words, even if you wrote an excellent study, but forgot to re-state the problem in the conclusion of your paper, you are unlikely to get an A.

Let’s take a look at what the structure of work includes:

  • Introduction

In this part of the work, you are presenting your main idea in the form of a thesis statement.

  • Body

In the main part of the text, you must provide evidence that will support and prove your thesis, for example, quotes from expert articles.

  • Conclusion

It's simple: rephrase your thesis statement along with the main findings, and you’ll get a perfect conclusion.

  • Annotated bibliography

Do not forget to indicate a list of literature references at the end of the paper. You can use both free and paid sources. The main thing is that they are reliable.

To better understand the structure of a research article, take a look at the pdf examples of research papers on the Internet.

Although writing the thesis and conclusion can be complicated, the most severe difficulty is to choose the right topic. Below you’ll find good research papers global warming ideas divided into thematic groups. Use them to get inspired and write a great research piece.

The relationship between global warming and human activities:

The environmental impact of global warming:

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Ideas for Research Papers About Global Warming in College

Much has been said about the dangers of global warming and its impact on our planet. News on this topic regularly appear on every media. Without a doubt, this is a huge problem that affects the entire climate. But why is it so hard for college students to choose a research-worth topic?

The biggest difference of a college research paper from research in high-school is that the issues being investigated should be more serious, and the study itself should be more profound.

In other words, to get professors’ approval and a high score, you can't just talk about the greenhouse effect. It's too easy for a university student. Your topic should be more significant and specific, for example, an in-depth analysis of economic and social problems of global warming and the associated increase in air temperature or possible ways to overcome these problems.

Here are some decent college topics that will inspire you to write an excellent paper on global warming.

The impact of global warming on humans:

Possible solutions to the problem of global warming:

If at this point you're thinking something like, "Maybe, I can ask someone to write my research papers," we can help you. The answer to the question above is, actually, yes. For example, if you have a part-time job and just don’t have time to complete all the assignments, but you don’t want to spoil your academic performance. In such case, you can contact the research paper service and get a great paper on global warming. Most importantly, don’t turn it into a habit. The world still needs experts in this field.

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