Social Media Research Papers: 20 Awesome Topics

We live in an age when all the information you need is just a mouse click away. As millennials, we want to read, understand, learn, and speak our minds about all things happening to us every day. And that’s when social media comes into play. It’s obviously a huge aspect of our lives, and we cannot simply ignore it.

Nevertheless, while some people take it as a blessing, others feel that all those social networks are a curse. They believe that social media has knocked down personal human interaction at a rapid rate and have irreversibly modified relationships between people. Still, some folks think that it’s a real boon that has given a chance to connect to every part of the world, speak to our friends and loved ones that are far away, educate ourselves from the comfort of our homes, and much more. Social media is truly a controversial topic, but it’s an unarguable fact that it’s presence has made the lives of many people much easier, faster, and more convenient.

There are plenty of topics that might be raised when talking about social media. But how to pick up the one you will be delighted to work on from an outline and catchy introduction to writing the entire thesis and putting all paper and pdf source references in place? We do understand that anybody may get stuck on this very first step of choosing the winning idea, so gathered some sample topics for you to figure it out!

social media research paper

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How to Pick Up the Best Ideas for Research Paper on Social Media?

A successful paper is often judged by its topic. And research papers on social media are not exclusion here. Therefore, you should master the art of selecting a topic skillfully to alleviate the situation when you have a bright idea with insufficient information to make a statement or argument. Here are a couple of tips on how to make the best choice in terms of the theme you are writing on:

  • A gripping topic is always a controversial one with a wide perspective to speak on. For example, controversy on social media addiction or social media effects on teenagers’ self esteem can stir a heated discussion on social networks, so you will get enough information to include in your essay.
  • With a suitable topic, you can easily find or conduct research without having to make inferences on your own that would turn your claims baseless. Remember, you risk losing the reader’s trust when your information cannot be easily validated.
  • Don’t forget to think about the audience when selecting the idea for your paper. Does it resonate with the readers? Would they comment on it and engage in a discussion on the topic of your choice? If so, you are on the right track.

20 Research Paper Topics on Social Media to Get Started

If you are still at a loss on how to come up with a remarkable topic that will lead to a top-notch social media paper, the list below will be supportive to you.

  1. Can social media be regarded as the fourth power in the state?
  2. Are social media and politics interrelated?
  3. How can social networks influence children’s behavior?
  4. The impact of social media on youth research paper
  5. Is there any correlation between social networks and cyberbullying?
  6. How does social media affect our everyday lives?
  7. What is the positive contribution of social networks during calamities?
  8. Does social media improve social skills and interaction between people?
  9. Research paper on social media marketing: is SMM an effective advertising tool?
  10. Can Instagram and YouTube blogs be regarded as the new diaries?
  11. Is it bad for politicians and other influential people to have social media accounts?
  12. Should parents implement parental control on social networking sites and apps for their children?
  13. Does the use of advertising on celebrities’ social media accounts mislead people?
  14. Can social media affect our mental health as the analytics and doctors say?
  15. Social networking: modern trends and the future.
  16. How social media influences consumer behavior?
  17. Can the usage of social media decrease the productivity of workers? Are social media policies on the workplace effective?
  18. Is social media a new addiction?
  19. Should the authorities impose age limitations on using social media accounts?
  20. Is social media a good platform to develop a non-public enterprise?

We hope that this article has given you useful guidelines on your way to academic writing and sparked insights necessary to handle essays related to social media in a manner that will score you good grades. Otherwise, in you feel you need any assistance, there is always a way out to turn to the professional academic research paper writing service. Here, at, we know perfectly well how to turn your writing worries into success by using our research papers help. Order with us and let our experts hand in outstanding piece in no time!

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