Social Sciences Research Paper Writing Tips and Topic Ideas

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30 Oct 2019

It’s hard to deny that writing research papers is one of the most effective methods of studying. All students get to prepare a significant number of such academic tasks throughout the years spent in college, and those young people who pursue a degree in social sciences are not an science research paper

Social sciences are a broad field of academia that studies humans, their relationships, the environment, and the society they form. Being an umbrella term, social studies encompass such disciplines as anthropology, archeology, history, geography, law, economics, politics, linguistics, sociology, and psychology. Whichever discipline you specialize in, an academic essay assigned by your teacher will require critical thinking, thorough understanding of the subject, as well as good planning and writing skills. An interesting and offbeat topic of research can become a key to scoring a high grade; however, many students find the process of choosing an essay topic to be especially challenging.

Further, you’ll find some practical tips on how to write a perfect essay, recommendations on choosing the right format, a social science research paper example of a basic outline, and a list of excellent social studies topics.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Social Sciences Topics for Research Paper

Unless your teacher provides you with a list of approved topics to choose from, you are free to pick one yourself. Writing experts advise opting for a topic that interests you most. The process of investigating on a topical issue and writing well-rounded ground research on it can be both satisfying and rewarding. If it’s difficult for you to come up with good ideas, you can draw some inspiration from the recent scientific publications or journals found in your school library or on the online databases.

To begin with, you can look for the interesting issues related to the following contemporary topics that currently have special relevance in our society:

  • Gender roles
  • New ethics
  • Privacy and identity theft
  • Social networks
  • Mass media
  • Sub-cultures
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Intercultural or interpersonal communication
  • Family issues
  • Poverty gap

Before you start writing, it’s essential to do quick background research to ensure you can find enough information to refer to in your paper. Always choose only official and relevant sources, and most recent research data. Switch to another topic if the issue of your first choice hasn’t been investigated enough by the other researchers.

Social Science Research Paper Sample of an Outline

Just as research papers on many other disciplines, an essay on social science has a standard structure. Its outline will include:

  1. Introduction (a part which introduces the readers to the issue and includes a thesis statement);
  2. The main body (which provides the key arguments backed up with relevant data);
  3. Conclusion (which summarizes the statements of the paper clearly and intelligently);
  4. Bibliography/Reference page.

Sometimes your teacher may require to include some more parts such as a literature review (to present the works integral to your paper), methodology (to explain the methods you use for investigation), findings (the results of your own research if you’ve conducted one), and discussion (overview of ideas brought up by other researchers).

Using the right format is another crucial thing to consider. Research papers on social studies most often stick to APA or ASA formatting rules. The correct style of citation will surely increase your chances of getting the highest grade.

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The List of Noteworthy Topics for Social Sciences Research Papers

Here you’ll find an extensive list of research paper topics, divided into groups on various social studies disciplines.


Political science


Law & justice




Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and the process of writing a research paper on social science turns out more complicated than you expected it to be. At some point, you may start wondering: “Can someone write my research paper for me?” If you have difficulties coming up with a good research topic, can’t find enough relevant information or simply are at risk of missing a deadline, you should consider applying to a professional research paper writing service. A team of trained writers working in such a company will assist you in all stages of preparing an essay – from suggesting an excellent subject of research to outlining, writing, editing, and formatting your paper. Don’t miss your chance of getting the top grade with some help from a reliable online company.

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