LGBT Research Paper Topics You Can Use Right Now

Our world is just on its way of accepting LGBT community members. Therefore, topics related to LGBT comprise a number of issues that study sexual minorities, discuss their social status, deal with problems connected with their rights. Discussion of this subject is widely spread in all areas of human activities: sociology, psychology, marketing, and even education. That is why college and university professors often ask students to craft research papers on LGBT.

The list of possible topics is quite extensive, starting from human sexuality, transgender issues and gender orientation to feminism and status in society. These areas of research enable writers to express their opinion towards this question and serve as a distinctive indicator demonstrating the level of critical thinking and writing of an author.

The spectrum of gay and lesbian academic paper ideas encompasses everything referred to as the LGBT community in mainstream media. As a result of great variance, there is no shortage of disciplinary approaches and topics to write an essay or thesis within this field. However, students might find it challenging to narrow down a subject that would be relevant and interesting, as well as have enough information and academic sources on it at the same time. We are here to help students decide on the idea to develop and find an approach matching their preferences, expertise, and area of study. Alternatively, our staff writers can craft a piece that could lay the basis for your own research paper. Just get in touch and place an order to get perfectly written work in a matter of days or even hours.

lgbt research paper topics


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Informative LGBT topics for research papers

Issues connected to LGBT people are complex are go beyond sexuality and gender identity. They also include legislation, marriage, child custody, discrimination, crime, and many more. You may try concentrating on one area and complete in-depth research on it or using some of the questions below together to explore them more generally.

  • Culture norms in America and gender orientation issues.
  • Gender roles in family and society: the perceived threat of homosexuality.
  • Harassment and bullying of LGBT youth.
  • LGBTQ themes and homosexuality described in the Bible.
  • Progress in reproductive technologies for LGBT people.
  • Openly gay and lesbian teachers in modern independent schools.
  • Marriage of LGBT people to heterosexuals as the way to “pass” in traditional societies.
  • Intersection of church and gay: a study of gay and lesbian Christians.
  • Challenges faced by LGBT communities and their members.


Argumentative LGBT research topics

Members of the LGBT community deal with constant issues of being unaccepted by many people with traditional sexual orientation. Despite the Declaration of Human Rights that all human beings are born equal, they still have to fight for real equality. LGBT discrimination may vary from simply unfriendly attitude to even refuse to hire such individuals. No strange that argumentative topics on LGBT are so popular and rivering to work with. Here are some of the ideas that might become handy for you:

  • LGBT social community from a sociological perspective.
  • Is it different to be gay or lesbian today than it was in the past?
  • Should gay marriages be allowed all over the world?
  • Should the state and federal governments pass laws that prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in areas including housing, employment, public accommodations, and education?
  • Gay and lesbian history – at what point did untraditional sexual behavior come to be regarded as an identity?
  • How LGBT communities are being affected by sexual violence in a particular country.
  • What progress has been made by LGBT groups since the 50s to promote equality for people having diverse social identities?
  • Double standard: male perspectives on gays vs. lesbians
  • How did the US Military keep away from the homosexuality issue?
  • Psychological and social exploration of children in gay and lesbian families.

We hope our article will allow you to see how multifaceted and versatile the area of LGBT might be in terms of research and its scientific value, as well as why dealing with such topics, is challenging but riveting. Hopefully, the abundance of online research paper writer services can help you handle this intricate issue. It’s only that not each of them has proved to be as almighty and trustworthy as they claim. However, as you are scrolling the academic abode of, you can be sure you reached the right place.

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