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21 Jan 2020

Many people still underestimate the significance of marketing for business. However, nowadays, when the modern world is overwhelmed with data and information, marketing comes into the game as one of the most powerful things that move the business forward. Moreover, marketing goes beyond just business - it is also how a person, country or ideology can be promoted according to the marketing strategy and become a brand.

marketing research paper topics

As marketing is an essential and fast-changing field of the modern world, it’s also the subject of in-depth exploration by research paper writers. The good news is you’ll definitely have enough information if you need to produce an essay on online marketing, for example. The bad news is there might be even too much available information on the Internet, in research articles and specialized books. The sphere of marketing is so overloaded with new studies, new approaches and suggestions that the relay of marketeers in prospecting new markets and technologies never stops. Therefore, you need to pick your research topics thoroughly and filter all the unnecessary information.

Selecting the best topic for a paper - be it a simple essay or a substantial case study - is arguably the hardest part of the writing journey. Your marketing paper will call for testing class theories on reliable secondary data or in real-world environments. Preferably, if you determine an issue, develop a research plan with an appropriate methodology, define a theoretical structure for collecting and examining information, and provide your own interpretation of it.

Since it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a perfect topic for a marketing paper, below we prepared a list of decent ideas you can consider as you puzzle out your own way forward.

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General Marketing Research Paper Example Topics

To put it shortly, marketing management is referred to as the science and art of selecting target markets and receiving, keeping, and expanding customers’ network by creating, providing, and communicating high-ranking customer value. Because of its scope and growing importance, marketing management becomes a real gem for research. Here are several sample ideas to think about:

  • How to enter the international market - Starbucks case.
  • How can new technologies - including smart devices, wearables, Internet of Things - be integrated to create the best value?
  • Digital marketing tools used to boost the popularity of smartphones.
  • What are the components of an effective marketing plan?
  • Can centralized global marketing be implemented to increase brand health in the local markets?
  • How is augmented reality changing marketing experiences?
  • Are celebrities' endorsements effective on ROI for FMCG brands?


Marketing Topics for Research Paper on Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a social study that involves sociology, marketing, psychology, behavioral economics, and even anthropology. The very concept of consumer behavior means decisions, intentions, and actions associated with buying goods and services, using them, and disposing in order to satisfy needs and wants. In fact, it encompasses all the actions performed by consumers in the marketplace and the fundamental motives for such actions. So, why not consider it for your future paper? Below are some of the topics you are free to try:

  • Impact of word of mouth marketing on consumer behavior.
  • How does social media influence travelling decisions?
  • How can brands make use of impulsive buying?
  • What is the role of sensory marketing in consumer buying behavior?
  • Impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior: Case of the luxury industry.
  • What is the importance of CSR policy on consumer loyalty and purchasing habits?
  • How do social media promote Christmas market traditions?


Insightful Ideas for Marketing Research Papers

Deciding the nature and scope of your research might be difficult, especially if you didn’t decide on a particular area of interest. Having the following marketing question in mind, you can have a good start and save your precious time. You can modify these topics to your own requirements and situation depending on the data available to you.

  • Is high-budget marketing still justified in the modern era of digital transformation?
  • Black Friday: Is it a real deal or a psychological marketing trick.
  • How can marketing influence production expenditure?
  • How does global marketing involve standardization?
  • What digital marketing trends can be expected for the future?
  • How can social media help small businesses grow?
  • What is the impact of using humor in advertising?

Hopefully, these marketing paper topics will inspire you and help to choose the idea you will be absolutely thrilled about. If you are still confused about the area to work with, need writing tips on your particular kind of paper, or think of buying a research paper because you are too busy with academic load, feel free to contact managers for ordering guidance.


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