20+ Good Topics for Research Proposal to Write a Like a Pro

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22 Jan 2020

If you have already brainstormed your research paper proposal topics and cannot make the final decision - this article is for you. We understand how difficult it might be to produce interesting, yet relevant topics for a research proposal. Having gathered this list of ideas, we aim to inspire and get you started. Here you will find suggestions for undergraduate students in business, education and environmental fields. So, don’t waste your time and make up your mind on the topic!

research proposal topics ideas

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What to Have in Mind to Choose Good Research Proposal Topics?

For students going through academic research and planning to request for sponsorship for it, writing a strong proposal is of the highest importance. Therefore, it’s a better choice to work on a subject you really like and enjoy. Definitely, it’s not that easy to make your research a real success, you should start with a winning and enjoyable topic.

When talking about research proposal ideas, it’s crucial that the topic you are going to select for your future project is relevant to the class you are studying. Furthermore, you should have a suggestion on how this particular research might have an effect on further discoveries, policy change, business results, etc. This will give immense strength to the entire project.

It’s important to realize that the research proposal is not so simple to develop. It requires a great deal of time and energy, so many students might even ask for guidance from writing agencies and purchase college research papers proposals online. You may stumble on an idea or topic that will perfectly match your academic aspirations but at the same time, there might be very few reference sources and little information available on this subject. On the other hand, you may have many exciting ideas in mind and a large number of sources available offline and online, but the topic in question doesn’t support your study. However, stay confident and don’t lose heart.

We recommend beginning with narrowing it down to three or four research questions you are interested in. Then, perform the preliminary research on this field through your computer or university library. Finally, determine the topic that is backed up with enough published material.


Sample Research Proposal Topics: Examples in Business Subjects

If you wish to understand the business world, sometimes you need not only to devote a lot of effort to studying management or economics but also gain some good work experience. Research papers in this field discuss the problems that exist in business and suggest ideas for solving them. Here are some of the topics you are welcome to consider:


Easy Research Proposal Topics on Education

Education in 2020 is obviously one of the areas that are continuously evolving depending on discoveries in sociology, psychology, and other sciences. Moreover, teaching is a multidimensional and complex profession, so your research proposal topic should be gripping and valuable. We understand the difficulties of selecting the best theme in education, so we are here to help you out:


Environmental Research Proposal Topics for College Students

Academic research on ecological issues is a good thing to go with: our planet gives us so many ways to study it. However, when your resources and time for the research project are limited, there is nothing left but to narrow down the area of research. The great news is there are many fields studied very briefly, so you always have a chance to make an important discovery.

We hope that this list of research proposal topics will serve you best and leave you and your professor satisfied. After you make the final decision on the idea to write about, collect enough information from the article databases and the Internet. Think carefully about the methods you will use for carrying out the study and the ways to gather and analyze the data. Consider the people you may interview, models or prototypes you need to create. And finally, don’t forget to list the reference sources at the very end. Sounds like too much trouble? Shoot two birds with one stone and contact our professional research paper writing service for any assistance you might need on your academic journey. Choose wisely and good luck!


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