Mathematics Research Papers Writing Tips & Best Topics

Although many students believe that writing math research papers is boring, that’s not true because the world of mathematics is actually exciting and vivid. Math can be rightfully called the universal language because it can describe virtually anything: from musical compositions to laws of the Universe. If you were assigned to a research paper for mathematics, all you need to make the writing process enjoyable is an interesting topic and a good outline. In this post, you’ll find some helpful writing advice and the best ideas for a winning piece on math.

math research paper

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Math Research Paper Example of an Outline

Are you wondering how to write a research paper in mathematics to score the top grade? A few expert tips below will help you.

  1. First of all, you need to pick a good topic and make an extensive research on it. Make sure you refer only to credible sources of information such as scientific journals, relevant studies, official online databases, etc.
  2. Take detailed notes while researching – they’ll become the basis of the future outline.
  3. Develop a thesis statement and write a basic outline.
  4. Keep researching as you write; develop your outline by adding more relevant details to it.
  5. Based on the outline, write a draft of your essay.
  6. Revise and edit the draft. Make sure you stick to the right format (for math papers, most often it’s APA) required by your teacher. Proofread and correct your essay before submitting it.

Similarly to research works in many other fields of academia, a basic math research paper outline should include:

  • An introduction with a thesis statement that introduces your readers to the topic or theorem you’re researching on.
  • The ‘body’ part with the arguments that either support or refute the paper’s statement. Make sure to back up your arguments with relevant information from credible scientific sources. Reflect the development of the theorem or topic of your research by providing its background and history. Break your topic into several subtopics to make the explanation simpler and help your audience to understand the issue better.
  • A conclusion. Elucidate the conclusion of your topic or theorem in a clear and comprehensive way.

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions on math research paper academic writing to complete an excellent, A-worthy piece.

How to Choose the Best Topics for Math Research Papers?

The first recommendation on choosing a perfect topic for a math essay is to opt for the one which you find to be interesting. There’s nothing worse than writing a long academic work on a boring subject.

If it’s hard for you to come up with a good topic, you may look through your class notes, scholarly sources, recent academic publications and journals or online databases for inspiration. Choose several back-up topics.

Make sure that you can find enough information to support the arguments in your paper. Refer only to relevant data and credible sources.

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Examples of the Winning Math Research Paper Topics for High School

If your high school education includes a mathematics discipline, you may choose one of the following topics for your research.

  • The importance of Euclid’s geometrical proofs in the modern worlds
  • The role of mathematics during the period of European Renaissance
  • How quantum math is affected by the conceptual notion of infinity?
  • The development of math in Europe in the Dark Ages
  • What was the role of mathematics in ancient architecture? Can we still apply it today?
  • Could the famous theorem of Pythagoras have been discovered by chance?
  • The overview of the basic contributions of Stephen Hawking and how do they owe to basic math
  • The contributions of the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece to modern mathematics
  • The “zero” concept and the way its incorporation affected mathematics in Europe
  • The mathematical message hidden behind the geometrical patterns in crop circles
  • The significance and major principles of Einstein’s “snowflake game”
  • The importance of mathematical contributions of Einstein in quantum physics

Excellent Math Research Paper Topics for College and University Students

The research papers on math written by college and university students require more time and effort and should be based on in-depth research. The basic yet interesting topics below may inspire you on writing an excellent academic work.

  • Fractal geometry: analysis of complex equations and their functions
  • An analysis of relations between biology and mathematics
  • The overview and mathematical determination of probability
  • The impact of the ancient advances in math on the modern system of calculation
  • Evolution of mathematics from ancient times to modern days
  • The works of Georg Cantor and his contribution into the mathematical science
  • Simultaneous equations and their key concepts
  • The two types of quartiles concept in mathematics
  • How can knots be distinguished through the color polynomials?
  • Calculating and volumes in the various statistical methods
  • The symmetries of plane tessellations
  • What are the key functions of partitions?

Many students agree that research papers on mathematic are not the easiest ones to write. If you can’t come up with good arguments for your essay, find the requirements to be confusing or are at risk of missing the deadline, you can apply to one of the online writing companies for professional academic help. A team of trained writers will readily help you at all stages of completing your work – from choosing an excellent topic and researching it to writing the paper and its editing. Whether you’re looking for research paper topics in applied mathematics, pure mathematics or computational sciences, a professional writing service will aid you. After leaving a paper writing help request online, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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