20 Microeconomics Research Topics to Your Advantage

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24 Sep 2019

One of the most difficult things when writing a legit microeconomic research paper is finding an interesting topic to work on. Selecting the subject wisely will mean you will pick up the topic you know well and enjoy that will make the entire writing process much easier. It’s crucial to devote your time to researching and selecting the subject that suits your interests and knowledge best. Spending hours on researching, formulating, and crafting the right topic may seem like squandering your time. However, this is the investment that will save your efforts in the long run. In this article, we have gathered a list of research topics in microeconomics to focus on. Some of them have a narrow scope, while others are broad and more general.

microeconomics research paper

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5 Things about Microeconomic Research Papers You Should Keep in Mind

When students work on their academic assignments, they usually face a number of impediments: what to include in the paper, where to get trusted resources, how not to make the paper boring and so on. And those are multiplied when it comes to such a complicated matter as microeconomics. Some of the issues can be resolved easily, the others need greater concentration and fuller attention. Therefore, to start with, we want to give you some useful tips for your research paper. Enjoy!

  1. Microeconomics is marked with the polarity of opinions. No surprise that economists have different views on certain aspects of microeconomics. Main schools of thought have their own ideology covering the points of both micro and macroeconomics. Take it into account when examining a particular phenomenon.
  2. Never mix up with macroeconomics. Although the difference is pretty much obvious, some students still confuse the branch that studies behavior or individuals or firms with the one that examines the country’s economy as a whole.
  3. Consider the original sources of economists of 19-20th centuries. Apart from the fact that most of them cover different microeconomics phenomena in a quite clear manner, using their works as your literature sources will definitely add value and credibility to your paper.
  4. Microeconomics is 100% exact science. Any concept or phenomenon could be and should be described with math calculations, tables, and graphs. Remember to include them in your research paper.
  5. There is always room for an original approach even to some trivial topic. Any daily-life moment might be analyzed from the microeconomics point of view. Try looking at them at another angle.

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General Microeconomics Research Topic to Consider

Microeconomics is a branch of economic science that studies the economic behavior of isolated units of the economy, such as individuals, households, companies or even a certain industry. It analyzes the aspects that influence on individual economic choices. It also deals with the markets and the prices for goods and services that best distribute limited resources. Microeconomics covers a wide range of matters, for example, demand and supply, elasticity, market structures, pricing, etc., that comprises a lot of subtopics you can choose for research. Below we provide the list of general topics that your central statement can be formulated around.

  1. Theory of consumer demand. How consumers allocate the balance between the need to purchase a product or service against its cost.
  2. Market structure and the system comprising it.
  3. What is the meaning of ‘perfect competition’? Is it attainable in the modern economy?
  4. Opportunity costs. What is the difference between implicit and explicit costs?
  5. How important is the cross of demand and supply?
  6. Do luxury and necessity goods follow the principles of demand?
  7. What are the impacts of monopolies and cartels on prices, the marketplace, and consumers?
  8. How do the companies employ the long-run average cost curve in planning their activities?
  9. Pros and cons of part-time workers for the economy.
  10. Does government policy affect microeconomics?

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Microeconomics Topics for Research Paper Focused on Business

Microeconomics plays a crucial role in business decision making. This branch of the economy helps managers in making trade and production plan decisions. It provides a good analytical instrument for studying market mechanisms and helps firms to decide on pricing and production policies. That is why business and manufacturing aspects of microeconomics are not only a great field for academic writing but also a first step to understanding your future company’s processes. Here are some of the topic for you to think over:

  1. How to improve the profitability of a small business?
  2. How do small and medium firms compete bigger rivals?
  3. How to minimize costs and risks of expanding a business?
  4. What are the difficulties a new company will experience due to the market conditions nowadays?
  5. What is the role of social media marketing in stimulating demand?
  6. Crowdfunding and its benefits.
  7. How to prevent the bankruptcy of a small business?
  8. How local businesses benefit the economy and society?
  9. Conduct a case analysis of a company that went bankrupt and discuss the alternatives.
  10. What are the characteristics of a long-term leader in a certain industry?

Those are some of the most popular topics that are discussed and researched in the microeconomics area. We hope that when reading this article, you will get an idea of where to focus in your studies. However, if you need help writing a research paper tailored to your own requirements, don’t be afraid to hire professional services to do this job. Remember reading comprehensive research paper writing service reviews so that to identify the finest company to rely on and make a good buying decision.

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