List of The Best Nursing Research Paper Topics

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20 Jan 2020

It is no secret that medical students should make more efforts than students of other specialties. Someday they will be responsible for human health. Yet today they must write a lot of research works on complex issues in the field of medicine. This is especially important for nurses because they come to the aid of patients even before doctors.

nursing research paper topics

However, many nursing students face the problem of choosing a suitable topic for research – most of the options are simply vapid. If you are wondering, “How should I find a good topic idea and write my research paper?”, then this article is what you need. Here you’ll find 20 great topics for a nursing research paper that will inspire you! They are collected in separate groups, so you can easily choose the best for you.

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Good Topics for Nursing Research Paper

The main task of nurses is to provide quality medical care to patients. There are several reasons why students should craft research papers. The most important goal of such assignments is to expand the boundaries for new scientific knowledge and deepen existing attainments. In addition, future nurses should not only have technical expertise but also the ability to express their thoughts.

Most students find writing a nursing paper quite challenging. But a good topic can make a difference and greatly facilitate the writing process. Check out the list of excellent nursing research paper sample topics and see for yourself!

General Treatments Issues

When choosing a topic for the paper, you can be guided by two principles: select the question that you’re interested and well versed in, or vice versa – select the issue you want to know more about. If you haven’t yet chosen a topic or field of study, take a look at these universal ideas:

  • Should nurses be eligible to prescribe medication like doctors?
  • Pain management procedures after surgery.
  • How does postoperative care contribute to better patient recovery?
  • Phlebotomy skills every nurse must have.

Psychiatric Health Issues

When selecting a topic for a research paper on mental health, consider the different sides of the question. For example, you can explore the characteristics of mental disorders, treatment plans, primary care methods, etc. Here are a few topics that you can use as a basis:

  • The features of care for mentally deranged people.
  • The most suitable care procedures for a person committing suicide.
  • Emergency aid in case of a panic attack of patients with schizophrenia.
  • The effect of aging on the mental health of the patient.

Midwifery Issues

Having passed through centuries, the ability to help a woman in childbirth today has reached its perfection. In your nursing research paper, you can consider rational care during the normal and pathological course of delivery, preventive measures to minimize potential risks, and many other aspects. Check out these good topics on obstetrics issues and get inspired:

  • The dangers associated with early pregnancy.
  • Epidural anesthesia: risks and benefits.
  • How can delivery with the partner affect the birthing process?
  • Anomalies of labor activity and effective ways to manage them.


Child Nursing Topics for Research Paper

Picking up a topic for the study in the field of children nursing is quite challenging due to a wide range of pediatric issues to explore. Newborn care, preventive methods, treatment planning – these are essential aspects of pediatrics that you can study in your nursing research paper. Take a look at some examples of relevant topics:

  • Treatment planning for children with burns.
  • Disinfection and sterilization of child care items.
  • The features of care for newborns.
  • The main causes of child mortality in the United States.


Adult Patients Nursing Research Paper Ideas

Adult patients usually experience more substantial psychological effects with the healing process and recovery, so you can focus on them in your research. You can select simple research questions especially you’re under a deadline or, on the contrary, choose complex issues if you’re going to prepare full-fledged research. If you collect enough sustainable material, you’ll be able to use your nursing research paper as a basis for your future term paper. Check out winning nursing topics that can help you make a choice:

  • Organization of palliative care for patients with dementia.
  • Therapeutic physical training after surgery on abdominal organs.
  • Treatment of chronic gastritis in middle-aged patients.
  • Management program and recommendations for psoriasis patients.

If you cannot deal with the nursing research paper by yourself, consider ordering a professionally crafted academic work online. You can find a research paper writer free or use the services of a writing company. In any case, this will help you save time and energy on other assignments.


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