Original Statistics Research Paper Topics: 20+ Handpicked Ideas

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23 Jan 2020

If you have ever had to create pie and bar charts or even calculate a set of numbers average, you can be proud of having something to do with statistics. In case you already understand that you'd need help with this subject once it comes to a fully-featured research paper, bookmark our service – we are always ready to provide all the necessary assistance.

statistics research paper topics


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Students of different academic levels, fields of study, and institutions are likely to have statistics in their curriculum at least to some extent. On the other hand, when taking statistics as your major, you will sooner or later face not only with technical assignments involving data processing but also writing an essay or thesis based on statistical methods. At the college or university level, it also might happen that you would need to conduct a research project on a given or your own topic.

To get a clear understanding of the options you have when it comes to topics for research paper in statistics, we are convinced it’s much more helpful to provide samples for different branches of this field than waffle on. Moreover, with a statistics research paper example, you might actually catch sight of an interesting idea and develop it for your further project. Even if none of the topics below suits you entirely, consider them as a pointer to the theme you will be passionate about. Keep on reading to explore them.

Topics for Statistics Research Paper: Applied Statistics Example

Statistical tools and methods of data analysis are applied across many industries to define and prove societal, organizational and scientific advances. Here are some of the ideas that might become handy for you.

  • Does performance in academic institutions determine future financial success?
  • What are the changes in wealth distribution in the United States over the past 50 years?
  • Modern developments in the application of statistics and econometrics in financial markets.
  • Assess if high-frequency and comovement trading are effective in financial markets?
  • Do corporate investments in branding and digital presence bring any meaningful returns?
  • Correlation analysis of sales and advertising spending.
  • Statistical analysis of alcohol consumption among employees with low pay rates.


Statistics Research Paper Ideas in Psychology

Basic understanding of statistics is essential for any social and behavioral science. This is particularly true for many branches of psychological theory and research that rely on experiments because the determination of results requires the application of statistical tools. Below our research paper writers for hire have collected several sample topics that are definitely worth considering.

  • Statistical assessment of the main causes of child and adult obesity.
  • What are the underlying reasons and results of the gender pay gap?
  • Physiology or psychology: why is it so difficult to quit for long-term smokers?
  • What is the role of parents in boosting children’s academic performance and self-esteem?
  • Statistical evaluation of the foremost causes of depression in America.
  • What role do parents and school play in preventing teenage bullying?
  • Explore the main results of divorce and separation on affected children.


Topics to Write Statistics Research Paper in Sports

Nowadays, it’s quite common for an amateur football team to have at least one performance analyst. Professional rugby or soccer clubs have several such experts by default. Performance data, such as a number of tackles or kicks, is collected carefully from every match and even training session. It helps develop a team strategy at a management level and provide improvement tips for each player individually. Thus, modeling and visualizing statistics in sports is not only the key to making forward-looking decisions but, in your case, also a legit field to work on for a worthy research paper. Think over the following ideas:

  • Provide the statistical review and analyze the leg injuries in the US soccer leagues.
  • Doping and drug abuse in sports over the past 20 years.
  • Statistical evaluation of main causes of injuries in field and track sports.
  • Examine the correlation between teenage participation in sports and the usage of social media.
  • Why do East Africans perform better in long-distance races?
  • Explore some statistically interesting observations of the FIFA World Cup over the past 30 years.
  • How are statistical insights implemented in sports management: case study.


We hope that our list of ideas will pave your way to writing a top-notch paper. However, if you are still dreaded by a statistics essay, here is a sound solution: try hiring a professional yet cheap college essay writing service. Here at WePapers.com, seasoned experts can craft a high-quality piece of content and deliver it within the shortest timeframe. Don’t you want to be the top student with the minimum effort? Just call us now and get your stats research paper tailored to your own requirements today!


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