Technology Research Paper Topics to Ace Your Course

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17 Oct 2019

Technology is a broad field for research and speculations. Not only computer science or engineering students but also philosophers, entrepreneurs, and futurologists are deeply interested in it. Researching modern technology involves looking at how it solves a lot of problems, creates new ones, and how interaction of technology and society has changed the world we live in. technology research paper
Therefore, professors at colleges and universities assign technology topics for research paper pretty often. Some students decide to order cheap research papers online, while others find it fascinating to think over and work on rich and interesting themes about latest computer technology themselves. In this article, we provided a list of topics covering the most popular and exciting trends and updates of this area.

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Ideas for Research Paper About Technology in Education

Technology has influenced almost every little aspect of our lives, and education isn’t an exception. It goes much further than just the stereotypical mobile phone going off in the class and can be a major tool for pedagogical resources and connecting with generation Z. The most captivating topics on embracing technology to transform learning and teaching are not about the technology at all, but about students. Here are a few ideas on edtech you are free to consider:

  1. Motivation and academic performance effects of technology to students research paper
  2. How is digital learning going to impact schools and education?
  3. Using of virtual reality & augmented reality technology in the classroom research paper
  4. What is the best way to incorporate green technology into sustainable schools?
  5. How important is it that educators teach using smart boards, smartphones, social media, and other new technologies? Can it provoke students’ addiction to gadgets?

Information Technology Research Paper Topics

When you are tasked to come up with information technology topics for research paper and write an essay or thesis, you need to remember that your contribution to the academic field and the field of IT can encourage the development of new ideas and evoke the change that is so necessary in healthcare, business, education, generally speaking, in our everyday lives. For this reason, picking up a list of topics for your IT paper is not just something you need to do to get some grade, but something you should be thrilled about so that to make a contribution to the world. If you need a sample title for your academic work, you’ve come to the right place. Below you may find some related topics you might use for your writing assignment.

  1. Evolutionary transition from 4G to 5G wireless technology.
  2. Usage of VLSI technology for telecommunications.
  3. Influence of information technology on military radar and stealth
  4. How can storing data on DNA create new technologies for information systems.
  5. If Google prefers its own information brand, do we get the best options when we google search?

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Technology Research Paper Topics: Artificial Intelligence and Wearables

Artificial intelligence is the science of designing smart computer programs and machines. It’s a fascinating combination of technology, physiology, and psychology aimed to create systems that can think and act almost like human beings. In turn, the field of wearable technology represents countless gadgets and gizmos that are invented every day to help us live happier and healthier. Such devices have been improving people’s lives for years now; however, the addition of AI gives them features beyond anything seen before. From below, you are welcome to choose the best title example about technology that has obviously become the hottest trend today:

  1. Medical technology: the growing impact of AI and wearables on healthcare.
  2. Are blue brain and blue eyes technology beneficial? What are the possible disadvantages?
  3. Can e-ball technology replace regular laptops and PC usage?
  4. Night vision technology as an example of AI advancements for automotive industry.
  5. Empowerment of the digital world using the ‘sixth sense’ technology.

We hope that the next technology essay won’t bring any difficulties, and you will easily pick up a winning subject and enjoy the writing process. We understand that producing a technology  paper is not a walk in the park. So if you need any additional assistance like coming up with the outline, drafting an introduction or the entire research paper, editing the assignment or collecting the pdf reference sources, you can count on our help. Just contact us, and we will find the best research paper writer, who will craft the content that will help you make the grade.

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