20 Really Good American History Research Paper Topics

The US is one of the most powerful states in the world, although the country’s history dates back just a little over 200 years. How much do you know about cultural and historical events that influenced the birth of this nation? A research paper is a great way to deepen your knowledge and learn new details of American history.

us history research paper topics

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Most students find history paper research complex and tedious. Mostly, this is because you need to study many sources. Another reason might be the wrong choice of the topic. After all, when the subject of research inspires you, the work automatically goes well, and the paper itself immediately catches the reader’s attention, increasing your chances of getting higher scores.

Here you’ll find the best topics for American history research papers categorized according to major historical periods for your convenience. Check them out right now and let them be your sources of inspiration!

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United States History Research Paper Topics on the American Revolution

Modern American history began with its path to independence and revolution. The paradox of this revolution was that the rebel colonists at that time were the most prosperous inhabitants not only in the British Empire but the entire world.

It was the American revolution that implemented the principle that shaped the modern world: the state exists for man, and not vice versa. Here are topics associated with this important historical period:

  • A series of events that led to a revolt against Britain.
  • Did Parliament have the right to regulate the trade of the colonies?
  • The leadership of George Washington: Why was he America’s greatest leader?
  • Loyalists: what did they want?

American History Research Paper Topics for College Students on the Civil War

The Civil war is probably the most powerful social shake in the entire US history, the third and the last war on the American territory, which had a huge impact on its culture and people’s identity. Check out the most interesting research paper topics American history before 1877:

  • How did American nationalism cause the Civil War?
  • How the South lost the naval war: US Navy tactics in 1861-1865.
  • The key battles of the Civil War: From the Battle of Fort Sumter to the Battle of Appomattox Station.
  • Why did Native American tribes view the Confederacy as a preferable side?

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American History Research Papers on Industrialization

Another essential part of US 19th century history is the period of industrialization. It was then that the foundations of modern American society were laid, and the path to equality and freedom began. So, there are many issues that you can think over in your research paper – take a look at some of them now:

  • The first labor unions: Rise and decline.
  • The impact of a Monroe doctrine on a foreign policy of the US.
  • Suffrage movement: The story of the first wave of feminism.
  • Development of the far West: Why the USA couldn’t survive without immigrants and why it’s important to understand it in 2019.

US History Topics for Research Paper on Great Depression and WW2

When we think about the 20th century, what historical events instantly come to our mind? Of course, the Great Depression and the Second World War. These are sad pages of our history, which nevertheless give a lot of questions and problems for research. Here are some issues suitable for the AP U.S. history course writings:

  • Did the gold standard create the Great Depression?
  • Did Roosevelt’s New Deal policies deepen the Great Depression or saved the country?
  • Why was the bomb dropped on Japan? Was it the right decision?
  • How did the Normandy landings change the WW2 history?

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African American History Research Paper Topics

African American history is rich and tragic at the same time and definitely deserves your attention. People of color have come a long way in the struggle for their rights. In your research paper, you can speak about the origins of racism, the fight against discrimination and injustice, the activities of Martin Luther King, etc. Here are a few topics that may give you the idea of what to write about:

  • African Americans during the American Revolution.
  • Westward Expansion: Why did it breath new life into slavery?
  • The Great Northward Migration: Causes and consequences.
  • How World War I changed the way African Americans were viewed in society.

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