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17 Feb 2020

An analytical essay is a type of written assignment that examines, analyzes, and interprets various things, including some events, problems, or books, plays, poems, and other works of art. The goal of an analytical essay is to present some type of claim or an argument about a thing you’re analyzing.

analytical essay topics

Although analytical essays generally include a lot of researching on a specific topic, the process of preparing them can be enjoyable as it gives you a chance to explore a subject you find interesting in detail, make your own conclusions, and gain valuable knowledge. If your teacher hasn’t assigned you to a particular topic, you’ll need some extra time to choose a good one yourself.

In this blog, you’ll find a list of good topics for an analytical essay as well as effective tips on choosing the best one of them. And just in case, we'd like to present another, more practical, way our website can help you: if writing an analytical essay causes you headaches, can deliver you an entirely original, custom-written piece within a timeframe you set.


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Tips on Selecting Decent Topics for Analytical Essay

The process of picking an analytical essay topic is critical because the quality and success of your paper, to a large extent, will depend on its subject matter. So, what do you need to consider for making the right choice and landing down with a topic that will get you the highest grade?

First of all, the writing experts recommend opting for something that you are familiar with. Choosing a subject that you had no notion of until today most surely will result in difficulties during the process of researching and compilation of your paper.

Next, the topic of the future essay should be interesting and exciting for you. There’s nothing worse than writing on a boring subject; at the same time, your sincere interest in a theme will shine through the essay and will make it engaging for your audience.

Your best choice for an analytical essay would be a topic that views something from a captivating and unique angle and presents a fresh approach to a well-known problem or theme.

Ideally, a good topic of an analytical essay should be clear, narrow, and specific because it will give you the room to analyze the concept in-depth and detail.

Finally, when choosing a topic for your future analytical essay, you should consider the availability of information. In order to create a worthy piece, you need to refer to credible sources such as scientific journals, academic publications, and educational databases. That’s why you should pick a topic that has enough information available on it.


Thought-Provoking Analytical Essay Topics for College

Analytical essays help college students to polish their writing and analyzing skills, and explore most various subjects in great detail. Even though the following topics might seem rather challenging at first, with due attention and effort, they will result in preparing a solid and in-depth paper.

  • Analyze what makes successful sportsmen use drugs.
  • Analyze the nature of allergies. Why do some people have them while others don’t?
  • What is the notion of multi-cultural societies?
  • Analyze in what ways children TV shows can be harmful/helpful.
  • Is there a relation between upbringing and personality?
  • How are people’s personalities affected by the models of their families?


Good Analytical Essay Topics for High School

Dealing with analytical essays in high school is an excellent way to prepare yourself for more complicated college-level assignments. The topics below are meant to spark high school students’ curiosity and stimulate them to create an outstanding essay.

  • Give evaluation to a movie that’s based on a novel.
  • Analyze the historical and cultural context of a book (your choice).
  • What are the key differences in communication between women and men?
  • Is it true that music can have a therapeutic effect on a person’s health?
  • Why graffiti and street art is so popular in today’s society?
  • Why do people use testing on animals, and are there any effective ways to avoid it?


Interesting Analytical Essay Example Topics

Such type of written assignment as an analytical essay gives almost endless possibilities for researching and exploring. We hope that these topics will inspire you to write an outstanding and well-rounded piece.

  • Analyze how the background of an author influenced their poems/books.
  • Analyze the influence of peer pressure on the personalities of teenagers.
  • Analyze how single parenting affects the physical and psychological well-being of a child in today’s world?
  • Can cultural dominance of one parent be avoided in the multi-cultural families?
  • Analyze the roots of different phobias that people have.
  • What makes people want to conquer the world’s highest peaks?

In order to score high, you need to come up with an impressive topic and spend much time researching, planning, and writing your work. Being short on time or low on interesting ideas, you may realize you need professional paper help. Of course, you can try to find a free online research paper writer working for some company yourself. Instead, you'd better apply to a professional online writing service such as Our team of experienced writers is ready to create original and high-quality essays upon your request.


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