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Propaganda is biased by definition. It is the information created to further a particular agenda. It uses many techniques to that end, such as cherry-picking the facts, misrepresenting them, manipulating data, or merely using emotionally loaded language instead of rational arguments. An essay on propaganda should be a part of any curriculum that encourages critical thinking, especially today, when the world overflows with information.

The digital age has created additional platforms for propaganda dissemination: from fake news and click-bait headlines to subtly biased reporting. Therefore, approaching all information critically and recognizing propaganda for what it is has become even more critical than ever.

To address this problem in your essay about propaganda, you should understand the difference between a rational argument, emotional persuasiveness, and calculated manipulation, for example, fearmongering. However, differentiating between propaganda and objective information is not as simple as telling the truth from a lie, especially if one's viewpoint comes into play. For example, do op-ed pieces count as propaganda?

This page contains essays on propaganda written by students of different academic levels, backgrounds, and persuasions. Before you start writing yours, gain the advantage by reading through what others have said on the matter - compare different takes against each other and find the truth hidden behind the words.

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