How to Write Research Paper and Score High: Useful Tips and Outline Example

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11 Oct 2019

This conceptual manual includes clear-cut instructions and helpful tips on how to come up with a great research paper on virtually any subject and topic. Keep in mind that to get the job done, you will need:

A pen and a notebook or a laptop with a words processor;

Intelligence, vision, and patience;

From a couple of hours to several days.

write a research paper

Whether you are in a literature, science, or history class, you will sooner or later have to craft a research paper. Because of high course-load and time constraints, it may seem a daunting task for students. However, budgeting your time and staying organized will make the writing process a breeze. Find an interesting topic, look for credible sources, work out an outline and draft your paper. Make sure you leave enough time for revisions and editing if you wish to hand in your best piece of content.

In this guide, we will walk you through the essentials aspects of how to write a research paper quickly, from beginning to the very end so that you won't have to whip it up in the morning before the deadline, plagiarize or neglect to do this assignment.

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How to Write a Good Research Paper: Where to Start?

First of all, you need to read the assignment requirements carefully and make sure that you clearly understand the guidelines for this project. Get a clear sense of how long your essay should be and what formatting style is preferred by your professor. Then, schedule the paper and decide on the amount of time you have to work on the piece, even if your deadline is very urgent. Below we break down the most essential steps for your paper writing:

  1. Narrow the topic.
While conducting research, strive to make your subject as specific as possible. You simply can’t provide and defend arguments on a very broad topic. In turn, the more you refine the problem, the easier it will be to present clear arguments and support them with scrutinized evidence.

  1. Search for reliable sources, both online and offline.
If you are looking for how to write a long research paper and find a lot of relevant references for it, start with checking the sources in your class textbook and syllabus. Think of articles, books, online pdf documents, and other scholarly materials related to your paper’s subject. And following the trails of clues, check those materials’ references for additional sources.

  1. Work out a preliminary thesis - a concise statement presenting your article.
A thesis shouldn’t be just a bare fact or your opinion, it’s a defensible and specific claim. Although you may sharp it while writing an essay, your thesis is the foundation of your paper's structure.

How to Write Research Papers: Effective Outline Strategy

An outline is a roadmap necessary to organize your thoughts before you actually dive into the process of writing. As soon as you develop your thesis, consider the main points you are going to present in order to support it. These will be your sub-headings. Then, sort out information and your own thoughts under each sub-heading.

Any information that doesn’t match the outline or isn’t relevant to supporting the statement, no matter how riveting it is, should be out of your text. Stay narrow-focused: no doubt, many things you'll discover while researching are great and fascinating, but not all of them belong in your particular paper.

Regardless of the core idea, a successful outline template is as follows:

  1. Title page (title of your work, your name as well as the name of your college or university, and the publication date)
  2. Abstract (brief summary of your text - no more than 250 words)
  3. Introduction (background information on your topic and thesis statement)
  4. Main body (broken into several paragraphs with respective arguments)
  5. Obtained Results (which results you got and by which methods)
  6. Conclusion (synthesis of key points)
  7. References
  8. Figures, tables and appendix (optional).

How to Write a Research Paper Fast without Missing a Bit?

Don’t forget to allow some time to check and revise after you’ve prepared your first draft. This part of the writing process isn’t just fixing typos and looking for excess or missing commas. Here is a handy checklist to stay sure your research paper is definitely on point.

  • Is your thesis statement concise and clear?
  • Is your paper well-structured and logical from the beginning to the end?
  • Is your flow of sentences clear and smooth?
  • Do your arguments prove your thesis?
  • Is your paper overall specific and understandable?
  • Are reference sources properly cited?
  • Is your paper plagiarism-free?
  • Did you manage to avoid repetitions and filter phrases?
  • Have you checked the paper for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors?

Diligent research, thorough organization and presentation, as well as attention to every detail, will make you succeed in producing a top-scoring research paper. However, if you are pressed with time or just not sure you will manage your writing load, a good idea is to turn to top research paper writing websites. Here at WePapers, we know how much effort it requires from students, and our experts are here to help you with the task. You can ask us, ‘Write my research paper for me’ at any moment to ease your academic stress for good.

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