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The study was focused on finding out how outdoor air pollution affects proper lung functioning in children. This is of significance to public health because it would provide information on how children’s health is being affected by air pollution. The study and its results would be of global impact because air pollution is a menace in almost all parts of the world. The study fills a significant gap because it provides further knowledge as to how air pollution has been affecting lung function in children. The study shows how different forms of air pollution elements can be associated with decreased lung function in children.
The results from the study show that short-term exposure to nitrogen oxides in the five countries did not have significant effect on the lung function of the children. However, estimated long-term exposure showed some level of decrease in the lung function among the children in the study population. The results of the study can be used to offer some explanation of the increase in low lung function among children. I agree with the author’s interpretation of the results that air pollution has a negative effect on the lung function of school children.
The findings of the study show traffic pollution as one of the primary sources of the pollutant gases. This will support social change in adoption and maintenance of vehicles with low emission rates in order to keep the pollution estimates below the acceptable levels in the communities. The findings will create more awareness for parents on the impact of pollution exposure to lung function in children. The awareness will prompt parents to move to locations with less traffic and far away from any factories that might be emitting different forms of pollutants.
The outcomes of the study are modifiable and actionable because they provide further information on the risks of exposing children to air pollution. An action that can be taken from the findings is adopting and enforcing stiffer laws on acceptable vehicle emissions since they contribute a significant amount of air pollution. The precautionary principle applies to this study in that although there is no through understanding of the effect of the pollution on children there should be actions taken to reduce the levels of pollution significantly. Air pollution poses some threat to the health of the child, and therefore precautionary measures need to be adopted even though there are no fully established cause and effect relationships.
A recent study of how the lung function of preschool age children is affected by air pollution intrauterine and also postnatal supports the findings of this study. The findings from the study show that infants who were exposed to traffic pollution may experience lung function deficits by the time they reach school going age. The study affects my assessment on the significant of the study. It provides further facts about the significance of air pollution especially traffic pollution on children.

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