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Alcoholism is a disease or a condition whereby one drinks alcohol persistently and consistently even when it causes problems usually resulting to the same effects both physically, socially, psychologically and even naturally. The party becomes a slave to alcohol and cannot be precise on the amount of alcohol taken, the time spent in bars and drinking spots. Alcoholism is considered a chronic disease that turns one most often into a degenerate.
According to a post in one of the dailies by Craig. W (1989) Writers and Alcohol March 14, 1989, pp. 13-15 (c) The Washington Post, it provides information on writers’ drinking problems and history. It states that most writers either drank because of their problems or some believed that alcohol helped them or inspired them to be better writers and further their careers. David Roberts’ just-published biography of novelist and journalist Jean Stafford details her alcoholism. She started drinking in college, and in her twenties was drinking wine in the morning while she wrote. Her drinking worsened until “she hardly drew a sober breath,” as a friend informed. She had to be carried home after parties and she hated it but had a problem in stopping the habit. Despite stroke and heart attack later on she still couldn’t stop. Trueman Capote in his biography stated in the article reads that Trueman was an alcoholic despite him visiting many hospitals, clinics and recovery centers and he too was a writer.
According to Morrison Blake in his biography (2013) why do writers drink he provides information that Dylan Thomas might not have drunk himself to death rather a doctor’s misdiagnosis of pneumonia for another disease. He died in 1953 on his 39thbirthday. It is stated that before his admission to hospital with a coma he had been drinking heavily and even shared some with his alleged lover. Thomas the legendary poet had the treatment and diagnosis in hospital and showed a fatty liver and effects of alcoholism and a lot of cigarette smoking effects despite previous numerous warnings on his health. In the article poetry is very much linked to alcoholism and they are stated to be complimentary and was even common in Chinese and other cultures. The bible is also linked to have wooed those who run to drink in the mornings and those who run wild at night drinking, laughing out loudly and telling stories never better told according to the article. Writers are utterly linked to heavy drinking and the article insists they go hand in hand other writers writing when they were drinking and editing when sober.
Generally according to a site MedicineNet.com provides that alcohol disorder, affects 20% of men in the USA and 10% of the population in their teens. Signs of alcohol abuse include smell from the breaths of people, red crimson eyes, generally argumentative behavior and deterioration of a person’s behavior and relations with others. Alcohol results to nearly 2000 deaths in the USA of people under 21years of age and almost half of all violent deaths of teen’s .Risk factors that may lead to alcoholism as stated include depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and having a background or family with a history of alcoholism. Alcohol abuse results from genetic, physiological and environmental factors

Treatment of alcoholism includes mental stabilization or detoxification, individual or group counseling, support groups, home treatments, prevention programs among others

Other signs of a drinking problem include drinking alone, to put off problems, or for the sole purpose of getting high; hiding alcohol; getting irritated and/or craving alcohol when you are unable to get it; and having problems because of drinking. Most people find it hard to stop drinking on their own without treatment. The site further provides that no amount of alcohol has been medically proven to be safe for pregnancy.
According to Shushpanova TV (2014) Effects of Maternal excessive alcohol drinking on the Brain formation in Fetus, human embryo, paternal alcoholism influences the development of the fetus. The fetus shows an increased density and decreased affinity as adaptation by the fetal brain part that controls main body activities and operations against the results of alcoholism by the maternal parties. Brain development processes are impaired and inhibited by the ethanol a component in alcohol. Brain cells developing in states of alcoholism manifested formation of synaptic receptors and modifications in their functionalities therefore increasing the density and decreasing the affinity as adaptation against consequences of extreme alcohol uptake by parents of babies or the maternal parties.
A journal by Horton A (2014) Addiction. J Alcohol Drug Depend on addiction is explained as the uncontrolled desire to use a drug or alcohol or doing a certain activity such as degenerate gambling or having sex; however addiction can also be shopping, internet use and involves overindulging in something. Addiction not necessarily relates to harmful things or activities therefore it may come in many various forms.


The effects of alcoholism are far much greater than the benefits of alcoholism which is narrowed down to enjoyment mostly. People stand to gain much more if alcohol is avoided therefore underscoring the need for abstinence from alcoholism and such related behavior. Ultimately alcohol in most cases according to research done far and wide is a facilitator of things mostly indulged by people. Both good and bad but mostly falls to the latter’s side


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