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10 C’s for Writing Effectively
10 C’s for Writing Effectively

Communication Problems with Email

The most obvious problems in email are lack of clarity, completeness and closure as email composer is assuming that readers would have idea about every point. Starting from the subject till the ending, many things need clarification. Some of the major shortcomings are:
The utilization of contributions of guests is unclear i.e. for purchasing a gift for retiring person or for meeting expenses of party .

It is not mentioned whether party will contain dinner or drinks.

The contact information of coordinator of farewell party is not mentioned for removing any sort of confusions.
The tone gives a hint that the message is written in haste and author didn’t give due time to write an effective message.

Passive voice is unnecessary in third sentence of body of email.

The deadline for responding to email is not mentioned.
The information about Joe Banyon is not there.
Revised Memo in Strict Compliance with 10 C's
Hello everyone. Mr. Joe Banyon, Principal Administrator is retiring next month. Some of his friends have asked me to arrange a farewell party to honor his precious contributions for our organization. The party will be held on Friday February 26, 2015 at City Cafe just next to our Office. It will comprise dinner in addition to my presentation to reflect contributions of the chief guest. Mr. Joe Banyon will convey his message also and we will give him honorary gift.
I am asking for financial contributions to meet expenditures of arrangements and dinner expenses of farewell party. It would be very kind of you if you contribute positively towards this function by February 15, 2015.

Looking forward to seeing you at the farewell party,

Incorporation of Communication Tools in Memo
The memo message of invitation for farewell party of Mr. Joe Banyon is made more effective in the light of following points:
Designation of Mr. Joe Banyon is written to complete his introduction.
"Mr." is added in the name of receiver and "It would be very kind of you" is added for requesting for financial contributions, so as to incorporate courtesy.

Information about farewell party is completely provided.

The utilization of contributions is clarified that they will be required for making dinner arrangements.
The theme of the message is optimized with respect to reader for incorporating clarity.
The closure of memo is modified to shoe more courtesy for reader.
Overall, the memo's sentences are coherent and contain good flow. The message is complete and connection among components is maintained beautifully.

Strategies for Composing a More Effective Message

Following are the strategies used for crafting a message coherent with all 10 C's:
Always read the message from reader's point of view that will save you from making many mistakes.
The message should contain the required essence of 10 C's in desired amount.
The content should exactly communicate the message that the sender is trying to convey.
The composer must be aware of the knowledge of receiver regarding subject.
Use minimum words to convey the same message instead of using difficult long phrases. People have too many distractions to stay focused on an email .

Use definite, concrete, and clear words instead of confusing the reader with vague words.

Value the feelings of the receiver so as not to offend him.
For writing effective messages, you need to read professional articles and learn how they contain effective messages . Reading provides you different types of articles used for various purposes.

You may use word-processing equipment if you are less experienced in writing effective articles .

No matter how much theory you learn, your skills will improve with practice and implementation. Don’t be shy to discuss issues that don’t seem less important for others, but certainly carry high weight in effective communication.
The learners may get arranged in group discussions after reading a professional article and share what they perceive about the message.

Try to make the flow of message logical so that readers perceive the message after reading it in first attempt.

In addition to the teachers, the learners of effective communication should also assess their progress.
Enhance your expertise in writing various types of business letters such as formal letters, memos, and reports.


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