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Part 1: Identify and Comment

Image 1(a)
The movie is entitled ‘Chungking Express’ that is directed by Wong Kar-wai. The characters in the image are Brigitte Lin and Takeshi Kaneshiro, who is a cop. Takeshi Kaneshiro is romantically involved with Brigitte Lin whose drug smuggler. Takeshi the cop is prompted into this action by a break-up of his relationship with a woman by the name, May. The film’s general concern is to depict our common tendency to hide our real identity of behavior or denial of who we are in the society. Brigitte Lin purposefully wears a wig and sunglasses to hide her real identity. Takeshi does not reveal what he has been going through too. Smuggling operations that she is involved get sour hence the need for to cover up the situation by hiding her identity. Transience is evident in the image. Modern urban living is whelmed by transience that Brigitte Lin depicts successfully by hiding her identity out of brevity.

Image 1(d)

The picture is on the scene that shows the Jong-Ju and Gong-Ju during their first meeting they met and in the same day decided to become a couple. These two characters that they have no future in their social misfits. Jong-ju was out of the prison by this moment after being charged with a crime that nobody was sure whether he had committed it. Jong-ju has now changed and he is displayed not being the social misfit any more. The clip further shows when they are in a passenger vehicle trying to move to a better place for them running away from the mistreatment they had faced. They both show they are in love regardless of their social class where by one is an ex convict and another one a handicapped. It’s now that they want to retain their social class and become like other people in the society. They help in the plotting of the move when they show that they are together and ready to fight their past lives together.

Image 1(f)

The image originates from the movie ‘Oasis’ directed by Lee Chang-dong. The scene entails a single character, Gong-Ju, who is playing with the mirror making reflections to the ceiling. The movie is about a couple, Gong-Ju, and Jong-du, where the girl is cerebral palsy stricken and Jong-du has just been released after a hit-and-run accident. They are romantically involved and inseparable. Gong-Ju is a performing a miracle to Jong-du as per the image. Gong-Ju’s scene makes use of the long-take where she is the only focus in the scene. The background is not clear, but she is as she is the main focus. Whatever she does makes us understand her state of mind from the image that is what she is the movie. Gong-Ju is viewed as a victim of gentrification in the movie, the image reveals her in an old apartment which she should have never gone.
Part 2. Define and illustrate.
Film noir is a term used to refer to films that take the dark trend of themes to display and create an image of evil scenes or horrific. It commonly points to 1940s to 1950s Hollywood crime dramas. Such films majorly depict a wide range of situations and feelings from fear, despair, mistrust, bleakness, paranoia and many more. The dramas could serve a purpose in creating awareness to society of the violations in prevalence. Sexual adventures and undesired lifestyles also can be disclosed in film noir. The characters majorly consisted of misleading and evil-minded persons throughout the plot of the movie. The setting is based in densely populated areas that are the main hosts of various sorts of evil. Storylines are usually elliptical, twisting and non-linear, the early dramas of noir could display the expected modernity.
Film noir is evident in ‘Suzhou River ‘ a film by Lou Ye. The main theme is love but of tragic environment and base within Shanghai. Romance among unmarried parties defines the start, a clear indication of immorality desires of humans in society. Shanghai, which is the location setting of the film, revolves around Suzhou a dirty, post-industrial river which is the known setting format of noir. Chaos and poverty rule the lifestyle here with other sorts of evil.
A long-take vs. a long-shot in the filming industry. A long-take is uninterrupted shooting by a camera on fixed frame than the normal editing period. Main-stream filmmaking employs the long-take mode greatly. A dolly shot or steady cam shot enable long-takes while a long-shot shows the relationship between the surrounding and the actual object or focus point. Long-shot is normally used for scene-setting by distance aspect, about a quarter mile away. A long-short sometimes is brief but long enough to convey the meaning and relationship of focus point and surrounding. A long-shot considers both distance and position while long-take considers duration of the shot majorly.
In the movie’ Oasis’ Gong-Ju, a steady focus is made on her mirror action of reflecting the ceiling making use of a long-take. Tuning of the camera though has been incorporated to cater for more details in long-take. The broken mirror reflections turning into butterflies, is a non-digenetic element that is included by turning the camera focus that is a modification of long-take by Lee Chang-dong.

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