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Communication is a very important attribute which separate mankind from other living organisms and they have been blessed with the ability to use language for the same. Over centuries and generations, different races and cultures have been born, which have further led to today’s scenario, where the world is divided into nations and countries. Each of these nations and countries are characterized by the presence of different languages which are spoken by its people. In today’s world, an individual is expected to have a mother tongue – a language which he/she is familiar to since birth and which is used by most of his/her blood relations. As an individual grows up, he/she learns more languages which are often a result of living in a different place due to one’s occupation . The best example of this can be taken from the fact that the author lived in a Western environment during childhood and later was schooled in a private Arabic institution. It is this factor that often leads one to wonder as to whether an individual is at an advantage over others if he/she is well versed with multiple languages? This is the purpose of the research paper where the author aims at presenting and highlighting the perspectives of different experts and sources of literature in order to establish whether it is justified to state that one is at an advantage if he/she develops expertise and competencies in multiple languages, or simply put, possesses multilingual abilities.
In the discussion on the perceived benefit of multilingual abilities it is important to highlight the specific aspects which the author intends on highlighting and presenting in this discussion. Occupation and developing a source of livelihood is one of the most crucial requirements for survival and sustenance of a comfortable standard of living. Like in the case of living in the society and understanding one another, in the professional field it is also required to ascertain the benefits one can have if he/she is able to develop and enhance multilingual abilities .
It is estimated that there are around 5000-7000 different languages and dialects which are used by the people of the planet to communicate with one another. In light of this statement, it needs to be highlighted that developing expertise in one single spoken language limits one’s capabilities and competencies as compared to another, who has been able to develop expertise and proficiency in a number of languages. It is stated that as many as 40% of the world’s population use one or more of the most common eight languages – Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, English, Bengali, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian (in that order) for communication. Thus it can be safely stated that developing proficiency and expertise in two or more of the above mentioned languages will provide an individual immense professional advantage over others, at least in the area of communication .
In the professional world, it has been seen that numerous multinational organizations are characterized by operations in different geographic locations and the inclusion of diversity in the workforce. As a result of which, it is very likely that the people of such organizations will be using different languages for communicating and exchanging information. On the other hand, business communication within an organization is said to be effective only when the same enables the transfer of information from the source to the intended recipients and it generates a response in return. Communication within organizations mostly takes one or more of the following forms – verbal, written and audio-visual, where the most common form is that of verbal or spoken communication.
In the discussion on the importance of communication and knowledge of multilingual abilities, the first and foremost requirement is to understand how development of proficiency in two or more languages helps an individual in the professional world. It is stated that multilingualism is a natural quality inherent in all individuals and it is not justified to establish that it is a special skill possessed by only few. The ability to understand, interpret and use language for communication develops during the infant stages and the same remains constant all throughout the life span of an individual .
The situations and surroundings in which an individual is placed influence much of the multilingual learning and execution abilities. It is suggested that being familiar with multiple languages and using them with the same prowess is as easy as learning different subjects. At the same time, it is strongly suggested that the benefits possessed by people with multilingual abilities are not only limited to being well versed with different vernaculars, but on a broader perspective, they also provide other personal benefits necessary for development and growth. These have been presented in the points below .
Individuals who have shown learning and proficiency in different foreign languages have been observed to have an enhanced understanding and perception of language.
The ability to interpret different languages and utilize the same in daily life activities has also been found to increase the ability of individuals in problem solving and creative skills.
Those with proficiency and expertise in using two or more languages have also been found to be more adept at separating meaning of language from the form, which leads them to identify the most crucial pieces of information from communication and apply the same in problem solving.
Developing skills in two or more languages have been also found to improve performance in use and application of native language skills.
It has also been seen that individuals with competencies and expertise in two or more languages had higher levels of concentration and problem solving skills, and were more efficient in managing and operating teams or organizational units in a professional environment.
Expertise and multilingual abilities have also shown to improve vocabulary and memory among individuals and many have state that it also boosts levels of confidence among individuals when it comes to a professional and competitive environment.
Individuals with multilingual abilities have also been found to have a comparatively greater cognitive ability and flexibility, more effective problem-solving skills and higher thinking and analytical abilities exercised during challenging situations.
Apart from the above factors, individuals who have developed and harnessed multilingual abilities have also displayed certain personal characteristics and traits which are considered by experts to be highly relevant for the development of professional environment, especially in the case of a diverse workforce. This is a very crucial aspect as the same often influences the organizational culture in a professional setting .
It is suggested that a professional individual who is proficient in multiple languages also have a multi-dimensional approach and perspective of the world. They are more likely to assess situations from a multiple perspectives which accommodate cultural influences of others in the diverse setting. People with multilingual abilities seek to evaluate a situation in their own inherent points of view and then also try to understand the situation from the perspective of the others which often enhance the number of alternatives available for the benefit of individuals and organizations as well. It is this ability of theirs for which multilingual individuals are said to possess the skill of expanding their horizons personally and view a situation or development both as an insider as well as an outsider .
These above mentioned aspects and factors have specific implications for professional contexts in different countries and professional environments. For example, in the USA, there are numerous corporations which operate but are based in another country. Due to the business potential of the market, off-shore companies seek to set up business units only to find that the language to be spoken and used is predominantly English with a little Spanish in certain states. In such a situation, the organization requires that the business leaders in these contexts are through with the implications of recruitment of human resources and management. Even for individual professionals, it is necessary that they are able to grasp the smallest nuances and differences in terms of culture and habits so as to reach out to the maximum number of people necessary . It needs to be highlighted that in such a situation, an individual who is not in possession of multilingual abilities will find it difficult to adapt, and even if he/she is able to do so, it will be a time consuming affair.
Overall, what are the exact implications and benefits for the multilingual professional? Focusing on the fact that globalization and improvements in human resources management in business organizations over the years, it can be stated there has been a significant increase in the demand for multilingual professionals than monolingual professionals. The most common example is in the case of the USA, where the workforce employed is becoming increasingly diverse day by, with all other nations around the country following suit. For example, due to the immense economic growth exhibited by developing nations such as Brazil, Singapore, India and others, many western organizations are seeking avenues of entry into these markets. The immediate result of the same is that there has been an increase in the demand of professionals in the industry who would be able to attend to organizational and cultural influences with equal efficiency in these foreign countries. Naturally, as part of their growth and expansion, such business organizations look forward to recruit talent who would be able to manage the operations of the business organization very effectively in the foreign lands . In such a situation, an application by a professional which highlights experience and expertise in multiple languages and contexts will be preferred over one which highlights extreme expertise, but limited to one particular language only.
Better Pay - One of the best advantages of being multilingual at work is the chance to gain more cash. Organizations that battle to sufficiently discover interpretation experts to meet inner and client needs understand they must pay top dollar to demolish contenders for multilingual specialists accessible. When you have an occupation, you can demonstrate the estimation of your aptitudes considerably more to procure raises and rewards .
Work Flexibility - Multilingualism provides one the noteworthy adaptability to move around in distinctive positions inside an association. In organizations with assorted workers and clients, one can consolidate his/her dialect capacities with different abilities to pursue the occupations craved. On the off chance that somebody has deals experience, for occurrence, he/she could investigate deals openings in client markets where bilingual speakers are required. Arno calls attention to those vocation opportunities, for example, interpretation, instruction and serving as a visit aide give multilingual speakers a more prominent ability to change vocations and work environments more effectively than only-English speakers. Worldwide travel is another open door accessible to individuals that talk numerous dialects.
Cognitive Development - One of the all the more intriguing advantages of being multilingual in the working environment originates from rising investigations of the cerebrum. In a March 2012 assessment piece in The New York Times, it was noticed that researchers accept bilingualism to build cognitive intellectual prowess and can secure against dementia and different ailments that influence the mind sometime down the road. The thinking still is being mulled over, yet the conviction is that on the grounds that the cerebrum must process two dialects immediately, bilingualism enhances the specialists' cognitive critical thinking aptitudes .
Dialect differing qualities can be viewed as a monetary decent and to this degree can be esteemed. Notwithstanding, given the curious way of a dialect as for other financial products, its valuation exhibits some particular attributes, and hence obliges particular instruments. As a matter of first importance, a dialect shows an intriguing supply and interest bend, where the supply, particularly for imperiled dialects, is regularly controlled by institutional requirements. The interest bend is identified with the "status" of the dialect and the level of social attachment of the group the dialect referrers to. Also, a percentage of the standard trademark demonstrated by an ordinary non advertise financial great appears to fizzle: a dialect does not bring about in blockage phenomena, since the more it is talked the better is for the individuals who are utilizing it . To this degree, a prompt correlation with other impalpable social products, for example, music, rituals, conventions, and so on., can be made. Some of these characteristics highlight the way of a dialect as an open decent, and at times as a typical decent. A dialect is an essential piece of the legacy of a particular group, shapes and manufactures its personality in the same route as its physical legacy does. Hence its presence needs to be esteemed and saved as we do with the social and natural legacy of a district. In different terms, a hefty portion of the contemplations that one can make for social legacy products (aside from the blockage issue) appear to hold for dialects. Specifically, the advantages brought by the presence or the utilization of a dialect, are not generally applicable from an unadulterated business viewpoint, and must be viewed as utilizing systems outside the ordinary business valuation devices. A large number of the advantages brought by dialects are non-market advantages and presuppose being esteemed inside such a hypothetical structure. The accompanying 2 subsections depict first the option accessible valuation instruments, and afterward concentrate on a particular financial valuation strategy, conjoint investigation, which can be possibly extremely valuable to inspire the monetary estimation of dialects.


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