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Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer seen in women these days (Who.int, 2015). In 2012, an estimated 1.7 million new cases were registered worldwide. The highest rate of breast cancer was seen in females of Belgium.the highest numbers of survivors for five years post diagnosis are seen in North America and Europe. (Wcrf.org, 2015)
INCIDENCE: Age incidence: higher is the age, higher the chances of developing breast cancer (Cancerresearchuk.org).


AGE: As mentioned earlier, increasing age increases the risk of breast cancer.
FAMILY HISTORY: Positive family history increases the chances manifold
GENETICS: In some cases the occurrence of breast cancer is seen in the heredity.
RADIATION: Exposure of the face or chest to radiations for treatment of any other cancer or other diseases increases the proneness to develop breast cancer.

RACE: White women are more susceptible to develop breast cancer.

OBESITY: Increase in weight or BMI proportionally increases breast cancer risk.
REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Nulliparous and elderly primigravida have higher chances.
MENSTRUAL HISTORY: Early menarche and late menopause are liable to make the patient prone to breast cancer.
HRT: Hormone replacement therapy taken by patients for any other condition makes them prone to the disease.
ALCOHOL AND SMOKING: Women consuming alcohol and those who smoke are found to have higher incidences of breast cancer
SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES: Lack of physical activity make women more prone to breast cancer (Breastcancer. Org, 2015).


Damage to DNA or any genetic mutation can lead to breast cancer.
Abnormal exposure to estrogen also predisposes to cancer.
Defects in genes BRCA1, BRCA2 & P53 can lead to cancer occurrence due to transfer in the heredity (Mandal, 2013).
STAGE 0: No tumor
STAGE 1: Tumor is of 2 centimeters, no lymph node involved
STAGE 2: Tumor is of 2-5 centimeters, lymph node of the axilla of the same side.
STAGE 3: Tumor is of 2 inches, lymph node of axilla involved, along with the lymph nodes of the surrounding areas of breast.
STAGE 4: Cancer has spread to distant organs of the body (Cancercentre.com, 2015).


Dimpling of the breast skin
Enlargement of one breast
Nipple retraction
Discharge from nipples
Enlarged lymph nodes
Visible veins on breast
Pain and tenderness (Krans and Cafasso, 2015)
Hormonal therapy
Surgery: Total or partial mastectomy
Biological or targeted therapy (Nhs.uk, 2015)
5 year survival rate is an indicative of good prognosis

According to American Cancer Society, at stage 0 & 1 5 year survival rate is almost 100%.

At stage 2 the survival rate is 93%
At stage 3 it is 72%
At stage 4 it is as low as 22% (Cancer.org, 2015)
Decrease alcohol intake
Maintain a healthy weight
Breast feed the infant
Avoid exposure to radiation
Avoid smoking (Mayoclinic. org, 2015)
Cancer is still a conundrum to medical science
There are many forms, and multiple causes that manifest in varying degrees in millions of different people
Modem medicine continues to pursue the needed research necessary to make cancer less of a threat among human populations
For the women predispose or fearful of developing cancer it is necessary to participate in their own healthcare, follow-through regular proactive, visit their doctors, take the steps necessary to lower the chances of breast cancer and take immediate treatment when any suspicious symptoms are recognized
Cancer has the most positive prognosis when it is identified, addressed and treated as early as possible


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