Catching The Sun In Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines Essays Examples

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I always yearn for the sun, the sand and the waves. It is a wonderful morning in the beachfront of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. My skin touches with the warm and fine sand that tickles and massage my stress-torn body. I can smell the fresh and salty air that gently kissing my face as I lay down to feel more of the sand. The humdrum sound of the waves is making my mind calm and leading me to sleep. This is one of the mornings that I can appreciate in detail the treasures of the environment. From a good night sleep, the gentle bite of the morning sun tickles my pores as if trying to wake my senses.
Near me are other tourists trying to catch up the sun after many months of work and beach tables with empty bottles signifying a groupie chit chat last night. From the beach front, I can see small fishing boats returning from a night’s catch. They seem like waves who gently but swiftly jump out of their tiny motor boats carrying their abundant catch while older women approach them with containers. I can imagine the taste of fresh sea food making my stomach churn. As they pass near me, they smiled as if they are not tired from their fishing endeavour. It warms my heart as it I realize that a simple but genuine smile can make my day beautiful. I sit up and drag my feet to the water and it surprises me that it feels warmer than the weather. The gentle whistle of the wind and the kiss of sea water enveloping my feet calm my soul. Tiny crabs crawl from the shore to the sea as if seeking for refuge leaving tiny hole in the sand that served as their home for the night. It is a homey feeling to see my foot prints washed to the sea. As stop walking and I sat where the waves can still reach me and lazily watch the sun going up.

The Roar of Vengeful Waves in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Nature seems to have lost its patience on us and the sea waves start to hit the shore with revenge. It is a bright morning and the sun bitterly bites in one beachfront in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. As I lay down, the sands touch my skin with an unusual bite that it brings weird tingles through my toes. It felt like I hit someone trying to rest. I look at the nearby beach table full of empty bottles and plastics that seemed to be from a night’s drink. The salty air mixes with the awful smell of booze and cigarette butts. The eerie sound of plastics blown by the wind sends tickled my imagination calculating how much plastics have in every beachfronts had been devoured by the sea.
As I sat trying to ease my imagination, I heard the roar of motor boats approaching. The fisher folks came down from the tiny boats made out of coconut trunks. Elderly women who seem to have woken up in the wee hours of the morning approach the boats carrying old containers. Swiftly, they unload and carried their catch and pass beside me giving me a faint smile. They offered me genuine smiles from their cracked lips and waves from their tendered hands from long hours of soaking in the salty water. I swallowed my bitter saliva as I realized not knowing what to feel. They mirror poverty in contrast with the scenic view of the place. Suddenly, I heard a roar of the waves reaching the shore and going back to the sea with sand and pieces of plastics. I sit up and dragged my feet through the sand that was just hit by the waves. I set my vision on the sand and slowly walked and I saw tiny crabs trying to run as if to escape my presence. I saw them quickly having refuge in the water. I stop walking and turn my vision to the sea. My mind is in turmoil every time a large wave approaches the shore roaring like vengeful giant devouring those who have thrown him garbage and depleted its resources.

Rhetorical Analysis

I chose Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines as I have visited it before and every morning walk to the beachfront fascinated me. It is one of the places which receive many visitors from both local to foreign. The vacation I had in there left me wonderful memories that sometimes mixed with negative imaginations for the future due to the indiscriminate disposal of garbage mostly by the tourists in the beachfront. My first sentence in the positive essay goes “I always yearn for the sun, sand and the waves” to give a positive feeling of summer. On the other hand, the first sentence in the negative essay goes “Nature seems to have lost its patience on us” to emphasize how greatly man’s activity had scarred the nature. The phrase that says “and the waves start to hit the shore with revenge” to hit from the beginning the unpleasant feeling of nature getting its revenge through disasters.
In my positive essay, I chose my words carefully to show rather than tell the readers how it looks and feels like to be there in a sunny morning. My verbs accompany with them not only action but description of feelings like the word “tickles.” Instead of telling the readers about the gentle swish of the wind, I added a description, “fresh and salty” for them to imagine how it felt in all the senses. In the negative essay, I wrote, “the sun bitterly bites” to give a warning that not all about the sun is good as too much exposure can give illness. In the positive essay, I mentioned the phrase, “treasures of the environment” as a direct description of the place.
In the negative essay, I wrote, “eerie sound” signifying a negative feeling of fear of the garbage. I also used the word “devouring” to put into action and description the vengeance that environment can do.
On the other hand, I omitted the details regarding plastics being blown by the wind in the positive essay as it will decrease the positive feeling of a night’s fun. I also omitted the details like cracked lips of the fisher folks while smiling and heir tendered palms as it will give an unpleasant picture of poverty especially in contrast with the beautiful scene.
Also, I used metaphor in the last sentence of the negative essay to further picture that nature can be dangerous. I wrote, “large waves approaching the shore roaring like vengeful giant.”

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