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There is a change in the cultural diversity and perception of the minority groups. However, based on Douglas’ What is the Fourth of July in Gottheimer’s book Ripples of Hope, till there is a lot that needs to be done to free the minorities. Some authors, who have also influenced the perception change, include Zora Neale Hurston and Alain LeRoy Locke. In the beginning, the minority, especially the African-Americas was oppressed and did not have their say on changes. There is a rise in consciousness, and the Africans were limited to slavery. They were subjected to harsh colonial laws that restricted their movements were given little compensation for their hard labor and at times none at all. As the whites claimed, they gave them accommodation; hence, their labor was a form of payment for their “gratitude”.
Though this does to come completely to an end, the African-Americans are treated a little more humanly. Fredrick Douglas is recognized and given a chance to act an adviser to President Abraham Lincoln. The position raises the whole of the African-American minority. It gives them a platform to have their voices heard. For example, Douglas was given an opportunity to give a speech during 4th of July. He highlighted the grievances that his people had.
“I hear the mournful wail of millions! Whose chains, heavy and grievous yesterday, are today rendered more intolerable by the jubilee shouts that reach them? If I do forget if I do not faithfully remember those bleeding children of sorrow this day” (Gottheimer 2008, p. 47).
There is also a change in the manner in which the African-Americans dress. The majority that is the Americans were the only ones who were good dressers. African-Americans were used to doing harsh farm work; they did not have time to worry about how they looked. It is clearly illustrated in the following;
"Yeah, he's up to date. He got de finest clothes Ah ever seen on a colored man's back." (Helicon Nine 1979, p. 53)
“corperation. Dat make 'm look lak a rich white man” (Helicon Nine 1979, p. 54).
The religious standing of the African-Americans does not change. They strongly believe in God, introduced to them under the Christian umbrella. They believe that he is their sole protector. They spend time praying to Him. They believe that all they have is a result of his grace. They also believe that he will deliver them from slavery. The Americans also believe in the same God, but they do not practice their belief. Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love. They do not show this love to the minority groups by enslaving them (Gottheimer 2008, p 52).
Gender roles still exist there are certain jobs that are meant to be done by men and others by women. Women are subjects to men and are there to serve them (Helicon Nine 1979, p 53). Women are limited to doing house chores. They cook and clean for the man. They are also treated as trophies and a man will boast when she has a beautiful wife, and he can dress her well. It is the work of the man to provide. He goes to earn a living in the field and is expected to work and bring back something for the woman. There is a change in eating habits. The African-Americans were restricted to eating things from the farm. Processed foods were a luxury of the Americans. However, African-Americans start to indulge in them. In the Glided Six Joe and Missie regularly visit the ice cream parlor. They pride themselves in going there on Sunday afternoons.
“A new man done come heah from Chicago, and he done got a place and took and opened it up to an ice cream parlor, and bein' as it's real swell. Ah wants you to be one de first ladies to walk in dere and have some set down” (Helicon Nine 1979, p. 53).


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