Creative Writing On The Treasure Map And The Railway Gold

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Published: 2020/10/30

I always spend a few weeks of each summer at my Grandparents house. It is fun because it is an old house with three floors, a scary basement and an attic full of old stuff.
My Grandmother always tells me “Jorge, stay out of the attic, the wood is rotten and there is too much dust up there, you will get sick.” Sometimes I sneak up there anyway, because I like to look at my grandfathers old things from when he was in the military.
Today I was looking for an old suitcase full of old stamps. My foot fell through one of the floor boards. I was stuck! I did not want my grandmother to find out I was in the attic, I wouldn’t get dessert after dinner and she would cut off the internet too. I was trying to pull my foot out the hole, and I found a small leather tube. I had never seen anything like it before. Once I pulled my foot out, I examined the tube and saw it had a top that popped off, and inside was a piece of really old paper. I pulled it out and it was some kind of map.
Right then, my Grandfather called out my name, “Jorge” he yelled, “it’s time for dinner!” I hid the tube in my sweatshirt and ran downstairs. My grandmother was putting some steak and a plate of potatoes on the table. All through dinner, all I could think of was the map. What did it lead to?
After dinner I ran out the front door and went to my friend Jason’s house. His parents were never home so I ran in through the screen door and went up to his room. He was playing video games as usual.

“Look man,” I said, “I found some kind of treasure map.”

“Yeah right,” he said. Jason was a coach potato, always sitting in front of a computer or television. He was too busy on his game to even look, but when I pulled out the old map, he started paying attention. “What the heck?” Now he was curious.
It showed a bunch of trails behind my grandmothers house. I knew this trail. It led through the woods to an abandoned shed that was near the train tracks.
“Let’s get Eric and find out where this leads.” Jason called Eric and told him to meet us at the shed, we were going to find something cool. Maybe it had something to do with the old train line that used to pass through town. A long time ago it was how everything was moved around before cars and the interstate.
It was getting dark. I wasn’t allowed out after the streetlight came on, so we did not have much time. We ran through the woods and got to the shed. It was a little scary, because the sun was setting and it was very quiet. The map led to an X next the shed. I realized it was an old manhole cover that led underground to some kind of pipe or hole. The three of us tried to move it but it was old and rust. Jason found a metal pipe and stuck it into the hole of the cover and we all pushed and the lever popped the cover off. Inside was an old canvas bag with Atlantic Railways written on it. It had to be almost a hundred years old. It was heavy, we could barely pull it out of the hole.
“Whoa!” Jason and Eric both said it at the same time. We opened the bag and it was full of thee gold bars. I couldn’t believe it. They were still as bright and shiny as the morning sun.

“Should we tell our parents?” I asked.

“Lets go home, I’ll call you guys when I get there,” I said. We each took a bar, they weighed so much we had to take breaks on the way home.
I asked my grandfather about who lived in the house before him and grandma and he told me it belonged to an old railroad engineer. He must have found the gold and hidden it in the hole. Did he forget about it? Who forgets about buried gold? I’ll never know.
We told everybody about the gold and got our picture in the local newspaper. Then we were on TV! Everybody wanted to know about the gold. The police said if nobody claimed it in 90 days, it was ours. Eventually we sold it. My parents made me start a college fund. Jason bought a new Playstation and every video game ever made. Eric’s parents made him donate his money to charity. In the end, we never found out why there was gold hidden behind my grandmothers house, but I guess it never hurts to be curious!

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