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In this final writing assignment focusing on the interdisciplinary studies of the minors that I am pursuing in my educational career, I will include a comprehensive descriptive analysis of the three areas study. My three areas of study include African American Studies, Sports Studies, and Communications Studies. One may ask why I chose three completely different subjects to study, and how they provide any benefit to the overall plan, so I will discuss how each field of study can work congruently in forming a stronger foundation in the overall knowledge of my pursuits.

African American Studies

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field devoted to the study of the history, culture, and politics of Black Americans. The starting point for the history of the study begins in the 1500s during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, marking a pivotal point in the history of black people that were transported from Africa to the Americas. African Americans lives in Colonial America were a horrible period for the treatment of black people. The brutality that black men, women, and children faced was insurmountable by any standards. As time went on and the movement towards anti-slavery and civil rights grew, the freedoms for black people developed at an incredibly slow pace. These are some of the key areas to understand for the African American Studies minor. The collection of data on history as well as current statistics on the lives of African Americans is pertinent to this field of studies, and in recent decades the information is collected via polls and surveys provided to the black population.
As a rich culture that is commonly associated with great athletes and musicians, the African American population still has challenges and stigma that limit a large numbers of the black population who are still living in hardship. One of the important jobs of the student studying this subject is to provide a higher level of academic knowledge to help contribute towards improvements that are needed for the African American population. The significance of African American history is important to me personally as an African American male who is able to understand the challenges that are faced by the black community.

Sports Studies

As a former professional football player, I have naturally developed an interest in the science of sports, which is why I pursued Sports Studies in addition to African American History. Sports Studies is also a sub-discipline of Sociology, which examines sports through the social lens. Emphases on understanding sports from a societal standpoint, as well as the physiological concepts of athletic movement are beneficial to athletes and coaches alike. Sports have also shown to have an interesting effect on the ability of various races and ethnicities to place their differences aside for the purpose of ‘the game.’
The incorporation of the behavioral, physiological, and anatomical sciences applicable to the movement and exercise involved in sports is unique and comprehensive in the study of Sports as an interdisciplinary study. Understanding that sports is about more than just the physical exercise or training, but that a psychological and societal connection is ingrained in sports, makes the Sports Studies minor an exceptional addition for those who engage in any field of sports. The symbiotic relevance of obtaining a minor in African American Studies with Sports Studies provides a balance of historical and cultural knowledge of the black community in which most professional athletes are raised in during the foundational years. These earlier years of the athlete is when the sport is still a social outing that eventually turns into an opportunity for some who naturally excels in their sport of choice. If the purpose of an individual is to participate in predominantly African American communities for training or working with young athletes, the two areas become exceptionally beneficial.

Communication Studies

Lastly, the interdisciplinary study of a minor in Communications Studies is useful in both the personal and professional life of any individual. Communication occurs in every area of life and the study of the subject makes one extremely proficient his or her ability to dialogue or deliver a message to others. Whether the communication is delivered in person, via telephone, Internet, or perhaps televised, understanding techniques that make communication powerful are crucial to the individual who wishes to be heard efficiently. A couple important theories in communication involve the Cultivation Theory and the Confirmation Bias Theory, both of which bring about an appreciation for the impact of the global interactive nature of the world due to growth in technology. The delivery of information throughout the world via television and Internet is expanding at a swift rate creating challenges in the delivery of communication evident as an area of life to adjust. The differences in language and culture that cause misunderstanding among groups happen regularly in the era of immediate information delivery.
Beyond the issues of the global transference of information that may be misread, the importance of accurate, appropriate, and effective communication are necessary to those in leadership positions. Any individual who wishes to place themselves in a role where they are to deliver any form of communication should consider exploring the Communications Studies field to properly gain knowledge and skill to gain expertise.
The addition of a Communications minor, with the African American History and Sports minor begin to form a relevancy for the student who want to become a coach for a group of athletes. Other ways that the three fields could be used together is in any sports leadership role, perhaps for a former athlete who wishes to use his or her experience to share with others as they enter the world of professional sports. A person who may want to become a sports commentator may even find the three fields a useful background to base a solid foundation and understanding as they are seen by millions on television. The numerous angles in the cohesiveness of the African American History, Sports, and Communication minors is quite broad and useful in the diverse world of the 21st century. One must prove themselves unique and able to offer more than the basics to stand out among the crowd, and the three interdisciplinary minors are complementary in nature when used to specialize in fields that require a comfortable knowledge of culture, sports, and communication skills.

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