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Published: 2020/11/08

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The growing usage of technology has elevated the use of internet because it has undergone advancement day by day. Moreover, the advantages provided by the internet makes it an important part of every task and organization. However, with the increase in consumption of internet systems, people have become more dependent on internet for various things. Conversely, this has given rise to the crimes which are associated with digital and computer. Among the computer crimes, hacking has been the most devastating crime which has resulted in severe loss of valuables. Hacking involves the breaking of a personal computer security and getting an access of the personal and sensitive information. By using variable software, criminal enters into a personal computer and acquire the significant secret details (Moore, 2010). In 2011, hackers of group LulzSec hacked the details of customers of the Sony Pictures. The details comprised of the names, emails, home addresses, and passwords.
Moreover, copyright theft is very common too. Criminals make a copy of the software, photographs, games, and music. They commence selling the copied products without giving credit to the original person. Hence, the products are sold with a different identity, and the originality is not disclosed. The justice system has emerged as a strict system by imposing laws on this activity (Moore, 2010). In 1985, Rogers click a photograph of a couple holding puppies in a line which was used to greeting cards and other things. Later Koons developed the same image into statues and marketed them which earned him a lot. Consequently, the case was filed by Rogers of copyright on this act of Koons. On the other hand, the identity theft is another serious issue. People who use the internet for the money transactions and other banking services are at risk. The criminal gains the personal details related to the bank account, debit card, credit card of an individual and makes purchases from it. This can lead to the financial loss to the victim (Moore, 2010). In 2012, $24.7 billion was the estimated loss through the identity theft in US. On the contrary, $14 billion was the loss of robbery incidents. This shows that the internet usage has caused more financial loss to the victim than actual robbery (Harrell & Langton, 2013).
In addition to this, cyber stalking is also at peak. This type of computer crime involves the online harassment/ the victim receives several messages and emails which are based on harassment. This makes the life of the victim miserable (Moore, 2010). In 2011, a 12-year girl was sentenced to probation for incorporating explicit photos and solicitation of her classmate for sex (Riparbelli, 2011).
The most common types of digital crimes, these days are transfer of money by using the internet. This kind of robbery is crucial because the criminal remains anonymous and does not need to run for his life and robbed amount. Moreover, the digital tools including, CDs, USB drives, DVDs, etc. which contains important information are at risk to be taken away by the criminals. Thus, the secret information can be used in wrong means for the destructive purposes.
At the present time, hacking is the most dangerous computer crime which can be used in the execution of cyber terrorism. The criminal can hack the US infrastructure computer systems in order to damage the state economy by devastating the infrastructure. Moreover, an attack on the technology systems through hacking can be made. The traffic control, medical services and emergency services, etc. can be taken into control by hacking, and the manipulation of these systems can put the people at risk (Are et al., 2013).
The government of US has imposed many acts in order to eradicate the computer crimes which have become an emerging dangerous issue for the protection and safety. The government has applied an act of computer fraud and abuse act in which the criminal will be punished for five years of sentenced to jail along with the penalty of above 2 lac dollars. The court and law have devised the rules by which different penalties are due to the criminals of computer and digital crimes. The computer misuse act devised by the government under the law enforcement allows the court to apply a penalty of $1 lac or an imprisonment of 20 years on the hackers (Campbell, 2009). Moreover, both jail and penalty can be imposed for hacking some confidential contents. These laws can punished the guilty but in many cases the criminal remain anonymous and are not caught. Consequently, the criminals move freely in the same society. Moreover, if the criminal is operating in a foreign country, then he cannot be punished. For these reasons, according to my opinion, software must be designed which averts the hacking or signals immediately if an attempt of hacking is being made. In this way, the hacker will be incapable of committing the crime and the useful information is prevented from getting into wrong hands. Similarly, the economic loss can be alleviated if the usage of online backup requires some biometrics for every money transfer or withdrawal.

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