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The paper discusses globalization as a moving force behind development and an integrated capability for the manager and organization. The globalization benefits to business are assessed in light of the weaknesses which are together brought about in the paper using enumerated examples and various steps of globalization. This is definitely the aspect to determine in explaining globalization, which is evaluated from the scope, scale and overall benefit of it.
Keywords: globalization, manager, organization, steps
Define globalization; include the impact it has for organizations and managers. Include the pros and cons of globalization for business.
Globalization of the world is the term signifying all world forces which enabled the coming together of nation states leading to better communication, low barriers to trade, low cost of outsourcing and leading to an overall effective in time and energy which means a smaller world. This shortening of time between nations and also of material resources travelling through trade has made it possible for less costs, higher profits, the rise of multinational corporations with the rise also of wars, AIDS/HIV, terrorism and computer viruses. 1,00,000 to 50,000 years ago the first nomads were from Africa who travelled throughout the world. The early practitioners of globalization had been traders, preachers, nomads and fighters.
Globalization has had a deep impact on organizations and managers. By shortening distance, taking less time to completion of international movement of personnel and resources, including information, even lesser costs than before has mitigated inherent risks to organizational development and management in a small way. Including hundreds of such organizations as the scale of globalization is unprecedented in countries all over the world. Globalization as a uniting force has had many aspects to its development. Initially a number of the large workforce of managers contributes to organizational change from prehistoric to a later time. The big design of how it had matured could be attributed to the many changes in its history. The development of trade across borders from insight about food, luxuries to be had from Borobodur, Indonesia was one step. The next had been discoveries of medieval times like the travel of Buddha teachings in India, Columbus discovers America by landing in Sal Salvador and many others. In a small time frame the British discovered that a dwindling supply of silver could be augmented by spices from India than China leading to opium war which has been termed as the first war of globalization. Under this war the defeat of china led the way of Hong Kong being acceded to Britain. The next step in globalization which impacted organization wide rise of multinational corporations had been the integrity of globalization with the learning that canned food is better during the American Civil War. As people like Henry Ford discover in US that rubber from Malaysia could indeed help product and new tyre market development, with additional saving measures like import of cheap Indian labor, there is increase in producing cars and automobiles. There have been many unprecedented steps after these steps like the inventions of satellite, steam engine, airplane, telegraph, telephone, radio and television. The impact on organization has been both in scale and scope. In larger way this has led to wired world interconnected with subscribing people almost 20mn in 1995 to 633mn in 2003 and almost 1 bn in 2005. In this way the globalization impact could be assessed though by getting closer to following aspects both the impact and direction of globalization forces could be made more ascertainable.

Why globalization is unprecedented?

Planning on a global level, international competition, cooperation and lowering of trade barriers, changing landscape of wherewithal of endowments in countries, discovering network benefits are some of the advantages which have left managers and organizations impacted all over the world. There is easy availability of technology, within a setting of lower trade tariff barriers in a world of interconnected trading advantage. There is the possibility of new products, luxury, more cost effective realization of profits, massive transactions totaling to over 1 trillion daily, bigger scope of information and knowledge management. All in all it is about being ready for the next evolution of species, while establishing real and tangible profits for organizations, heralding organizational workforce from online communities, enabling the international service sector.

What pros and cons of globalization mean for managers?

Risk minimizing, ease of delivery, subjecting patterns of organizational behavior leads to better understanding of organization and preparing for future. Seen this way it is more effective to bring the best and worst scenario of populating globalization forces for managers such a manner which they can understand and apply properly. Off shore outsourcing of jobs from US cuts costs and has increased number of jobs available. There is the great impedance of multinational firms taking over the market from traders. The job seeking managers are more aware of their rights in political setup underlying the main reason of the benefits. Managers can distinguish between better available jobs, negotiate salary for skills and get best professional satisfaction. The democracy political setup is willing to provide necessary impetus to people knowledgeable and acting from knowing duties and rights which leads to less crime.

Does Globalization render world of opportunities or crises?

This is a question which has answer to be underlying the utility of globalization story as a story of new technology, new market and interconnected development. Forces of globalization could only mean usurping or using it for everybody benefits. Like a tool in the hands of people, the globalization forces can be used or misused in either way. The cons of globalization which outweigh the benefits are growing interdependence of countries with gaps, more large scale growth with inequality, increasing incidence of war,HIV,viruses and terrorism. In comparison, looking at health based issues there is the example of the Spanish flu that brought death to 25 mn people with a mortality rate of 3% and observe the SARS virus from China which brought death to 800 and more people with a higher mortality rate of 12%.
In the latter half of the 21st century, many new developments have taken place which undoubtedly belie the consequence of integrated globalization and also global connectivity. According to Altinay (2010), there are new approaches as to how globalization is a force for leveling the unequal distribution of resources and producer of economic growth. For business as the suggestion is about globalization getting the benefits of cost realization it is also about taking away organizational thinking and behavior to which is attributed the many lacks from connectivity, information networking, knowledge management as also supply chain bottlenecks. When the multinational firm is facing setbacks from information, hierarchy and offshore management problems, many of the benefits sour up for the organization. Therefore, either business has benefitted from globalization or it has only achieved nominal coverage while being institutionally weak from rendering the new or next possible step in evolution. Business development and globalization have been emergent with the help of numerous inventions foremost television, internet and radio. The use of television is single most important product shaping global public opinion on a daily basis.According to Mougyar(2002), it is also the fact that television production is aided by global supply factors of scale economies and supply of materials on world level. With globalization the secure flow of ideas and sending to receiving of major information is easier, it is also possible to save, protect lives and lead to community development at a faster pace. According to Wallin(2002), development of the idea of zero was one such modular design of how idea has travelled at global level before rightly originating in India. Similarly the growth and positioning of idea of globalization is a nourishing one which has eventually take greater strides with development of numerous and countless steps towards its prominence in world today.


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