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An Article on Drug Addiction

“Anatomy of Addiction: How Heroin And Opioids Hijack The Brain”, is an article by Jack Rodolico for www.npr.org. The article highlights the trend of drug addiction and its effects on the human psyche. It is an eye – opener for the entire younger generation and the generations to come, who think that drug addiction is only an insignificant issue involving plain fun and excitement and no danger. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, an estimated 2.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs such as opioids and heroin (Rodolico, 2016). It may have been due to people looking for a cheaper substitute for painkillers. The author gives the example of Jack O’Connor, a drug and heroin addict and how he finally escaped the raptures of his addiction after years of repeated detoxification and perseverance. The story of O’Connor is not a new one. Every now and then, we come across one such O’Connor in our day – to – day lives. And in every O’Connor, quitting hasn’t been an easy task. It takes a lot more than perseverance and strong will to quit drug addiction (Rodolico, 2016).

The Human Brain and Drugs

coordination problems or pupil dilation are some of the effects of such drugs (The Effects Of Drug Abuse, 2016).

Effects of Drug Addiction

An individual may suffer greatly at the hands of drug addiction. He may suffer from loss of self esteem and identity, less motivation and no willingness to live. He may develop pronounced negative emotions such as anger and resentment. Such negative feelings affect not only him but the whole environment in which he lives. We, as individuals, would face its adverse effects. Thus, it must be understood that drug addiction is not an individual problem, but a problem of all individuals.

Drug Addiction and Society

Drug addiction is a precursor to several evils prevailing in our society. Increased crime rates, child neglect and child abuse are some of them (Hoffman & Goldfrank, 1990). Another important affliction to the society is the spread of the HIV virus by intravenous drug abusers. Not only do they infect the society with the deadly virus, but they also threaten its affliction to future generations through their children. This factor is of primary concern. Child neglect and child abuse, also have the potential to create a generation of a kind of ‘darkened’ personality, resulting in the making of a nuisance to the society. Children, whose parents make these deadly drugs at home, expose them to harmful chemicals, thus inducing short and long term health consequences in them (The Impacts of Drugs on Society, 2006).
The evils of drug addiction touch people at different stages, in every walk of life. It is a misconception to think that only one individual is affected by drug addiction. It definitely affects the entire society; thus making it more of a responsibility of each and every individual to do what he can for the drug abusers around him. Not only would he be helping the affected, but he would also be benefitting the whole society.


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