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What main factors control water circulation and what are the 3 types of circulation in estuaries?

Circulation of water in the ocean depends on the temperature of the water, density, and wind or the current flow. Wind -driven circulation mainly entails the surface circulation of the oceans. The abyssal circulation involves the water circulation below the thermocline. The density and salinity lead to the conveyor belt movement of water between the much colder regions and hotter ones. Estuaries have three major circulations. The tidal circulation when the ebb and flood (river water) average is almost zeros; the surface circulations when the ebb is stronger than that of river (flood), and subsurface that occurs when the flood water (river) is stronger that the ebb currents.

Explain the differences between food pyramids and food webs.

Food pyramids entail the ideal balanced diet for human beings. It is thus a list of foods in the shape of a pyramid showing the type and at times the quantities one ought to eat. On the other hand, a food web describes the energy flow through a representation in a natural setting.

Describe the relation between geological processes and evolution. Give an example

Geological process influences evolution in various ways. Since the splitting of Pangaea and the formation of the current continents, life on earth was greatly affected. Some animal species got separated as the continents split. The climatical changes and the other changes on the land influenced how animals adapted to the environment. Some became extinct. There is a difference on how some animals have adapted life in difference sections only. For example, Kangaroos adapted and only exists in Australia.

If a child asked you, "What is evolution?" what would you say?

Evolution refers to the changes in animals such that they can live better with the resources available in the environment. The process is too slow and may take millions of years for a significant change to occur. The process also leads to differences in similar species depending on the environment.

Explain the role that genes have in evolution

Genetic mutations lead to changes in a species making them better or stronger than the previous or other species. In evolutions, species that can adapt better to the environment survive as opposed those that cannot. Therefore, genes changes lead to evolution by allowing only those with superior qualities to survive.

List at least 3 ocean pollutants and discuss their impacts.

Sewage: Sewage released from cities either directly into the ocean or through rivers. The sewerage usually has chemicals and nutrients that reduce the amount of oxygen in the water. The sewage leads to decay of plants and death of animals as well as reduces the quality of water in the sea.
Toxic chemicals” these come formal agricultural lands and industries. The chemical kill both plant and animals in the seas.
Oil spill: mainly from ships. It reduces the amount of oxygen into the water that lead to thr death of both animals and plants. It also makes affect eh skins of animals if they come into direct contact with the oil spills.

Describe at least 3 instances of occurrences of invasive species in lakes, rivers, and oceans, and discuss why they are harmful

Zebra Mussels that got accidently introduced Lake St. Clair and they spread over the entire lake, adjacent rivers, canals, and other inland lakes. The Mussels caused a change in the food chain in the areas it spread affecting both animal and plants.
The introduction of the Cercopagis pengoi – spiny water flea in the great lakes is also affecting aquatic balance in the great lakes.
The common weed is also causing a threat to the ecosystem of the great lakes as it spreads very first over the water. Some sea plants can suffocate animals and reduce the surface the water covers.

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