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Published: 2021/02/25

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There are many opportunities that I have after graduating with my justice studies major. Firstly, I can take a number of careers in the criminal justice, law enforcement officer, probation officer, court administrator and others. My preference would be a probation officer. The probation officer career is less risky and at the same time less involving compared to other careers within the criminal justice. Therefore, due to its less risky and freedom that one gets when in this career, I would prefer it over all the other available career opportunities with my justice studies major. Secondly, with my justice studies major, I can go back to school and undertake a number of master degrees program, such as public administration. My main preference would be going back to school and undertake a degree in law, as I have always dreamt of becoming a lawyer to present the less fortunate members of the society so that they can get justice.

Description of the Two Graduate Opportunities

The first opportunity is going back to law school and undertake a degree in law. When I go back to law school, I will be expected to attend lectures, complete assignments, make presentations and study hard in order to pass in my studies. On the other hand, as a probation officer, I will be to ensure that a person who is put under probation by court changes his or her conduct. Secondly, I will be responsible for making reports on the progress of the person under probation to the US courts director on matters of administration from time to time. Lastly, I will be responsible for ensuring that the person who is under court probation follows the court orders at all times.
In relation to working hours in a day, in the case of probation officer, I will be expected to work 8 hours a day, but I should be always alert at any time because I can be called at any time to perform certain duties. However, when it comes to going back to law school, I will be expected to study for at least 10 hours a day. One of the most challenging things about being a probation officer is that the working schedule is very tough in nature, because at times I will be expected to work at night, others during the day and when I am off duty, I can be asked to report for duty during odd hours. The best thing about going back to graduate school is that I will be only attending lectures during the day and all the other issues can relate to my study can be undertaken any time that I feel I am comfortable with during the course of the day.
The typical day in a probation officer career is very interesting as you tend to interact with people who have committed different crimes. When it comes to law school programs, they make one day very entertaining as you will be at times be involved in discussions on critical matters affecting the country’s justice system. The main hazard in the probation officer is that one is exposed to the risk of being attacked by the criminals that you are in-charge as the criminal justice employee. The hazards related law school is mainly stress and depression due to being overloaded with school work.

Education Requirements

In order for one to become a probation officer, he or she must have a major in justice studies. On the contrary, in order to enter into a law school one must have attained the minimum university entry points, with high points in the English subject.
Additionally, in a law school, one will get an opportunity to be trained on different legal matters, while in the probation officer career one will have to undergo through a basic military training. After graduating from law school, one can advance his studies and one has to for apprenticeship and sit for certification exams. Lastly, in the probation career, one can go back to school and undertake a master’s degree or any other course in order to advance in this career.


As a probation officer, I will be expected to be highly disciplined, honest, trustworthy and accountable at all times. I also need good communication skills, teamwork skills and interpersonal relations skills. The most common method of entry into this career is through posting one application with the department, or enrolling in a military training program and them getting posted due to one qualification as a probation officer. On the other hand, in the case law graduate program, one needs to make applications to the institution that he needs to join and wait for approval of his applications. Additionally, one needs to be hardworking, have capacity to read for long hours, be a critical thinker in order to succeed as a lawyer in the future. Other skills needed include communication skills, teamwork skills and conflict resolution skills.

Outlook and Salary Expectations

In the recent years, the demand for probation officers has been on the rise; therefore, increasing employment opportunities as a probation officer. On the other hand, for one to succeed as a lawyer one has to be smart given that the number of smart lawyers and experienced one is high. There are some geographical regions that need more probation officers due to high crime rates, while others need more lawyers to different clients due to rise in the number of litigation cases. The salary of a probation officer ranges from $28k-$62k, while that of a lawyer ranges from $60-100k. primarily, both lawyers and probation officers enjoy medical covers benefits and retirement benefits, even though the retirement benefit of the lawyer depends on whether he is working for the government or running one individual firm.

Financial Analysis

Undertaking a law program is expensive as I will have to incur over $350,000 by the time I complete it, in terms of tuition fee, accommodation and other basic needs. Even though, the cost of undertaking a law course is high, after graduating, within three years I will be able to recover all the money used for the expenses related to the program. However, in the case of a probation officer most of the costs are met by the employer, such as transportation and others.


Based on the analysis, the best option that I will take after graduation is going back to law school and getting a major in law. This will be in line with my long term goal of ensuring the poor get justice in our courts. I will also get more financial benefits compared to a career as a probation officer.

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