Essay On Why Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Banned On Campus Universities.

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There are lots of persons who still smoke tobacco despite their knowledge of the health complications that comes along with the smoking. The use of tobacco has today caused more deaths than most of the deadly diseases known to man. Smoking has the common most danger of affecting both the smoker and that passive smoker as well so even without necessarily smoking a person spending a lot of time around smokers have also a higher chance of suffering from diseases caused by smoking. Colleges and universities have the highest number of youths who spend time together in one place. The social groups created on the campuses create an environment of peer influence where both the smokers and the non-smoker are both affected by the smoking.
The step towards the banning of cigarette smoking and the creation of campuses as a free smoking zone is a bold step towards a healthy living and a reduction in the effects of smoking. It is very crucial for college universities to ban the use of cigarettes on their compounds and even outside the university even among students above 18 years of age. Cigarettes contain a lot of toxic and addictive chemical substances and despite created awareness students do go ahead and smoke risking their health and that of other students, visitors and the whole workforce of the university at large.
There are numerous explanations as to why the smoking of cigarettes should be banned on campuses. Despite smoking being a preventable habit it causes the highest deaths in the United States and the whole world at large today and despite this knowledge students still go ahead and smoke and even try to recruit others into adopting the highly toxic and addictive behavior. Tobacco the highly toxic substance found in the cigarettes causes serious health issues and complications that are also the primary cause of early death. There is no doubt that indeed cigarette smoking should be banned in campuses and also controlled outside the campuses. Unlike other drugs, cigarettes affect the non-smokers and also may lead to health complications or even death in the cases of prenatal occurrences.
Smoking have become a common behavior amongst students especially those in campuses, and if no control measures are put in place it leads to their exposure to imaginable risks. Smoking have been associated with many diseases including the most common incurable with smoking being estimated to contribute to more than ten types of cancer, respiratory complications, and even lung failure and despite its sensitivity there are still a large number of smokers among students. If the habit of smoking is burned in campuses, it will help reduce the health risks that come along with smoking. Banning of smoking in campuses and also around the campus helps reduce the health risks that comes with smoking as well as discouraging those in engaging in the smoking habit. It also helps in reducing the number of youths who may want to start smoking habits. It, on the other hand, will save a lot of lives from being lost to the carcinogenic effects caused by the inhaled smokes from the cigarettes. Another reason smoking should be banned on campuses is because it will create an awareness among the students on the need for living a more healthy life, this is because smoking have been known to be an extensive dangerous behavior and its effects are long term health complications.
The banning of smoking in campuses and its environs creates a shit of the attitude towards the behavior that is the first and the most crucial step in overcoming the habit. Once there is a change in the attitude, what follows is a change on the focused behavior. When a habit is banned few people continue with the behavior while the majority feel a strain in trying to involve in the behavior and the remaining alternative left will be quitting the behavior, the same works with smoking, when it is banned in campuses many students will suffer the strain of trying to practice the behavior in other places and since it’s out of their comfort zone they will tend to give up on the behavior of smoking that translates to very few continuing with the behavior.
It is very sensitive to ban smoking in campuses in order to reduce the number of premature deaths occurring as a result of the habit. Cigarettes contain a very highly addictive component commonly known as nicotine. Despite student’s knowledge of its effects smoking habits have increased among them in the near past. Nicotine is highly addictive and has very short lived effects of on the body of the consumer being associated with boosting of the mood and a reduction in minor depression when the nicotine is still in the body. This feeling of wellbeing by smokers encourage them to keep practicing the behavior conclusion that nicotine is good for their normal functioning, this is however not true because nicotine have adverse negative effects and it's associated with increased heart rates and blood pressure that is a clear illustration that it has an instant consequence on the heart and which later translates into the long term diseases caused by the habit. It is also associated with increased alertness and a stimulant to the smokers memory hence its dependence on students to accomplish different tasks in school. It is, however, short-lived effects of smoking with respiratory diseases and cancer becoming the common probability if the smoking habit is not stopped. The number of youths who are taking up smoking in campuses have been increasing rapidly which could only mean that those who are being recruited into smoking have no intention of stopping the habit but have a strong will to continue and stick to it. It is caused by the highly addictive tobacco that is found in cigarettes that have neurological effects on the smoker. When the youths start smoking the behavior graduates into their adult life for those who make it that far and in some severe cases they negatively affect their children when it comes to women who smoke even during their pregnancy period, hence the crucial need for the banning of smoking in campuses as it encourages many people to quit the habit and later leading a healthy life.
The creation of a smoke-free environment will also help reduce the effects of the cigarette smoke to the passive smokers. In campuses, people or students associate in groups and append time in large groups or numbers. Allowing smoking in the campus facilities means that even those who are not smoking but spend time with their smoking friends are equally likely to suffer from the effects of smoking. It is because the smoke contains a cancer-causing agent that leads to the failure in the proper functioning of the body organs and eventually causes death. The banning of smoking in campuses and other institutions create a healthy and conducive learning and a working atmosphere for both the scholars and the faculty at large.
Another reason as to why smoking should be banned on campuses is because smoking shows a sign of irresponsible behavior among the students and also shows their ignorance towards the negative effects of smoking which out way the positive ones. The banning of smoking on campuses does create not only awareness among students on the effects of the behavior but also carries the message to the society at large. An educated youth population has positive effects on the society at large and once the students learn why it is harmful to smoke they will seek to change the lives of their family members and friends who smoke encouraging them to quit the behavior.
Social smoking is the most common method of smoking among students on campuses where they practice the habit in a large group rather than smoking individually. This means that they are, therefore, more likely to influence others also to start the habit, this means if today smoking was to be allowed in the campus environment there is no doubt that the effects would be catastrophic because the students consider smoking as a fashionable behavior. With this in mind many students will take up smoking in the efforts to try fit in a social group and the main reason smoking should be banned in all campuses is because failure to do so makes the campuses the target environment for recruitment grounds for smokers. The effects of this are disastrous in consideration that almost every youth is on a campus somewhere. The lack of a ban or control on the smoking behavior would give birth to a whole generation of smokers.
Smoke-free policies should be adopted by all campuses as it has equal effects on both the smoker and the non-smoker as well. Smoking also have adverse psychological effects which leads to poor performance in their academic works and later into their working environments due to the disorders that come along with the smoking habit. In severe cases, smoking effects could lead to dropouts among the college students that have negative effects on the people and on the budget or the well-being of the country as a whole. The road to achieving a healthy and a moral society starts with the banning of smoking in campuses.
In conclusion, effective approaches are required in the implementation of a smoke-free policy in campuses as such measures are met with a lot of rejection among the youths. For it to succeed there is a need to unify both the smokers and non-smokers as well through awareness programs. An increment in the price of cigarettes would also contribute to the reduction of the smoking behavior because many students can easily access the cigarettes due to their cheap and affordable price and their extensive availability.

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