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Manojovich, Antonakos & Ronis, (2009) argue that among some of the factors that have the most influence on the outcomes of the patients include ineffective communication or lack thereof between the physicians and the nurses. The scholars emphasize the importance of elements of communication such as openness, timeliness, understanding, and accuracy and the effect they have in patient outcomes. This scenario considered in this paper underscores the importance of communication between the entire health care team, and more so between the nurses and the physicians. The acknowledgement of the influence of followership and empowerment in remedying the inadequacies which cause the scenario considered in this paper.

Changes Required in Remedying the Situation

The improvement of the situation is dependent on the successful implementation of several changes. One of the changes required is a change in the organizational culture (Shannon & Myers, 2009). Such a change would require the creation of a culture that is safety-focused, patient-centric and one that supports teamwork and open communication. The second change required is the implementation of structured communication tools (Shannon & Myers, 2009). Joint Commission (2009) argues that some of the tools include huddles such as face-to-face communication where the nurses and physicians exchange information regarding the care plan, call outs where staff communicate important decisions to the other staff members verbally and situation background assessment recommendation(SBAR) (Joint Commission, 2009). The third change required is the installation of supportive technology (Shannon & Myers, 2009). Supportive technology of two types is recommended. These include software-based platforms designed to synchronize clinical communication and technological tools enabling specific aspects of communication (Shannon & Myers, 2009).

Rationale for the Changes

A change in the organizational culture is needed especially when the change fosters structures that support communication. A culture that is patient-centric enables the physicians to view themselves as part of the team that delivers safe care to their customers, the patients (Shannon & Myers, 2009). The empowerment of nurses undermines the existing tension between them and the physicians and prepares them to play their role more confidently (Shannon & Myers, 2009). Structure communication tools are also needed because they enhance the understanding of the situation better than in the absence of these tools. They enable the communication of observations, interpretations and recommendations (Shannon & Myers, 2009). Supportive technology is necessary because it synchronizes the communication between the health care team members.

Preparing the Organization for Change

The first of the three stages is unfreezing. This entails understanding and acknowledging the need for change (Brixey, Brixey, Saba & McCormick, 2015). In this scenario, this would entails underlining the effects of the inefficient communication on patient outcomes. This stage breeds a sense of urgency and motivation for the changes. The second stage is change or transition stage in recognition that change is a process rather than an event (Brixey, Brixey, Saba & McCormick, 2015). This stage entails managing the reactions to the change and sustaining the momentum towards the permanence of the new way. This calls for organizational learning and support. The third stage is the freezing stage where stability is re-established due to the acceptance o the changes and their incorporation into the norm (Brixey, Brixey, Saba & McCormick, 2015).

Developing Momentum

The most sustainable changes are inclusive. This implies that it is imperative for the staff to understand the need for change. To develop the momentum for change, it is necessary to involve everyone in the needs assessment (Dormant & Lee, 2011). It is through this process that they identify the need for change in the unfreezing stage. Other techniques used to unfreeze the stakeholders to develop momentum include painting positive features of the envisioned change, informing the stakeholders with valid data that underscores the need for change and also modifying the environment to facilitate the change (Dormant & Lee, 2011).

Reinforcing Changes

The following is necessary to reinforce the changes:
Formulation of policies that institutionalize the changes.
Training of new and existing staff on the new organizational culture


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