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SARS stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome that is a life-threatening viral infection. The causative pathogen of SARS belongs to the coronavirus family of virus. These viruses are very serious and illustrate high variability in strains. The main symptoms of SARS are just like a normal cold, chills and flu. It has become an admonitory anecdote of the present time. MERS-CoV strain of coronavirus caused severe infections in Middle East in 2012, known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS. Evolution of drug-resistant microbes and increased travel across countries are the key reasons for the spread of infections. This infection is controllable at an early stage, so it requires attentive, fast and aggressive response. Mostly these infections remain confined to Arabian Peninsula. Several cases of SARS came into limelight in UK and US (Nhs.uk, 2012; Cdc.gov). This disease can emerge from anywhere, so more organized and skilled healthcare services will be required to combat SARS infection. Better trained epidemiologists are needed that can handle the situation at the time of the outburst, so the infection can be properly diagnosed and stopped before it spreads. Above all, health care workers should be trained for self-protection. Though, earlier infection outbreaks have made us learn sufficient things, but still we need to discover fast diagnostic tools and treatment. To avoid such incidence in future CDC has launched proper checklists for healthcare facilities (Cdc.gov).
SARS demonstrate the similar symptoms of a seasonal flu or influenza. If someone feels the similar symptoms first of all take precautions at hygiene level. Only on the basis of symptoms it is difficult to diagnose SARS. If the condition gets worse, and the patient starts feeling significant discomfort in breathing then contact the general practitioner. Practitioners also consider previous symptoms and try to investigate the root of infection. If he has doubt then he can decide to isolate the patient and prefer to keep under supervision. No test, vaccine or shot for SARS has been invented yet, thus patient gets the similar treatment of a severe pneumonia (Cdc.gov; Nhs.uk, 2012).


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Catheters may be the main source of infection in urinary tract. To sterile the catheters mainly two techniques are used; Clean technique (medical asepsis) and sterile technique (surgical asepsis). In clean technique, all type of bacteria cannot be controlled and prevented from entering the urinary tract. Sterile technique involves proper sterilization of catheter along with all other equipments. Through sterilization technique, all microbes are completely abolished including spores and eggs from the surface of the equipment. Clean technique is not much effective and not preferred by health care workers in comparison of sterile technique (World Health Organization, 2001).
Clean catch is the most performed method of urine sample collection. This method is comparatively safe and protects contamination from genitals into the sample. Before taking the sample, hand washing is a must do. For the urine sampling a special kit is provided that includes special wipes and sterile containers. Urine collection in infants requires patience and sometimes more than one attempt. In the case of infants, a plastic bag is used to collect the urine. These plastic bags are customized for infants with an adjustable fit. It has a strip at one end with an adhesive that fits it with the infant’s penis or vagina. Washing of genital is recommended prior to collection to avoid microbes in the sample. In the case of boys, the penis can be placed in the collection bags, while for girls the suggested location is over the labia. Sometimes a diaper is suggested to avoid any displacement of the bag. The collected urine in bags is transferred into the sterile containers and given to the health care providers (Nlm.nih.gov.).
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