Example OF Argumentative Essay On Coal Power Plant In Maryland

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Published: 2020/09/17

There are lots of environmental problems that the people living in this world encounter. These environmental problems are mostly governed and even made worse by the actions of the people to be able to survive and live their lives to the fullest. One of the most pressing environmental issues is the worsening global warming that further leads to climate change. To be able to understand how these environmental issues affect the lives of the people on Earth and how the activities of man leads to worsening environmental condition, the issue of Maryland Power Plants will be discussed.
There are different types of power plants that are present in different areas in the world. One of the most environmentally destructive types is the coal power plant. It releases large amount of carbon which is one of the factors that worsens the environmental condition on Earth. The power plant found in Maryland is a coal power plant which greatly contributes to the carbon pollution that extends to nearby areas like Bolivia. Though power plants are found to enhance economic development of different nations, the environmental condition must not be compromised.
For a long time, several environmental polluters have been ignored as almost all were proven to contribute to national development. However, many activists and groups of people who are environmental advocates argue that it is already time to stop ignoring the factors affecting and worsening the environmental quality. This was because the worsening environmental quality directly affects the lifestyle and life conditions of the people living on Earth.
Of course, the issue on Maryland’s Power Plants is the large amount of carbon it releases in the atmosphere that further contributes to air pollution. According to Bailey Rehnberg, the Global Warming Solutions Organizer for Environment in Maryland, it is recognizable how this carbon pollution worsens the climate condition in the area and even in nearby places (Environment Maryland). This was supported by Dr. Dan Kirk-Davidoff, an Adjunct Associate Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science and the University of Maryland, College Park as he mentioned that the global temperature has warmed by a degree Celsius and that further leads to the shrinking of arctic sea ice and sea level increase.
Some of the actions to lessen such type of environmental pollutant are regulations proposals including the setting of limitations on carbon pollution from power plants. This action, if ever enacted by the policy enforcers, will be the largest action of United States in terms of conquering the environmental problems that are closely related to climate change. Another is the existence of Clean Power Plan. This is a plan of actions that focuses mainly on the investments on clean energy including solar power as the country shows great potential towards securing an establishment of solar power plant. Maryland ranks 12 in the list of countries that leads in solar production in the year 2012 ahead of Texas, Colorado and Hawaii (U.S. Energy Information Adinistration). In addition to these, Rehnberg added that having two climate champions in Maryland can also be considered as potentials in order to lessen and mitigate the worsening climate change. These climate champions he mentioned are Congressman Van Hollen and Senator Cardin who are well known for advocating the cutting pollution through shifting to sustainable and clean energy. Lastly, it would be a great help for Maryland if its Environmental Protection Agency will know how to strengthen their campaigns to encourage more the statesmen to follow and help out in the enforcement of several environmental campaigns.
As the people in Maryland continuously comment on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal of Clean Power Plan, it means that the campaign towards the enforcement has been strong and widely disseminated to all concerned citizens of the country. This can safely conclude that majority of the people support the idea of EPA to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming, thus also making actions to ensure the betterment of the global environmental quality (The Baltimore Sun).
In the case of the coal power plant in Maryland, it is recognizable how such establishment and investment can provide benefits to the country in so many ways. It can really contribute to the country’s development however, as mentioned in the earlier paragraphs; the quality of the environment as well as the welfare of the whole society must not be compromised. But instead, the environmental quality has been at stake and also, it affects not only the environment of Maryland but also it affects the environment of the nearby countries like Bolivia.
It is really noticeable that people can feel and experience the effects of the worsening environmental condition. Climate change has been very observable in all areas around the world. People can feel the warming of the Earth’s surface including the unpredictable climate and the increase in number and even the change in strength of disasters. Disasters are unexpected phenomena that we, the people, experiences and we have no choice but to deal with it. But of course, we should always put in mind that we can do something to mitigate the effects we are bound to experience through protecting and making a more sustainable environment.

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