Example Of Article Review On Defining One’s Purpose

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Published: 2020/11/03

Defining One’s Purpose

Strategic management is an organizational activity that sets their processes for systematic coordination and aligns their resources with the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy. Most of the businesses today strive for global edge due to rough competitions. In order to succeed, organizations and businesses must gain a strong foothold of their strategies on how to survive with today’s fast paced economic race, cope with globalization, and attain sustainability.
One of the most effective strategies is to gain competitive advantage and firm performance. A successful and progressive healthcare group in Saudi Arabia is the Bupa Arabia lead by their CEO Tal Nazer. According to Forbes dated January 12, 2015, their figures in the economy have increased in multi-folds since they started in 2007. The CEO, Nazer, has greater and wider goals as he visions the company’s revenue to rise four times by the year 2020. With the company’s amazing track in their economic revenue and increasing number of customers to more than 2.5 Millions recently, Nazer‘s goal for his company is just rational.
The achievement of the goal set by Nazer, is accordingly very achievable. He revealed that the way to success for an organization is to primarily define a purpose. He is set to the most important key for a progressive business rather than overly focusing on business strategy devises every now and then. His keen point of view has his perspectives eyed to one point. “Being Purposeful” is his key that creates his company with competitive advantage (Dineen, 2015). He sets his leaders to have a deep understanding of the leverage of their purpose, in which, all the rest of their plans and actions are straightforward and directed to their main point.
Nazer’s point of view is in fact very basic. I just have to commend that indeed getting back to the basics is the most important thing to gain progress, success, and later on, sustainability. I admire this ideology. As I can see, many of the businesses today are deviating from the original purpose as they grow and expand with their organizations but fail afterwards. Most of the businesses today are adapting to changes and accord with the trends of their benchmarked companies in terms of strategic management. However, not all of the transformational moves, no matter how calculated they are, end to fruition. In fact, most of them die while they are still on the way.
I have to agree with Nazer’s direct to the point business management strategy. I believe that all organizations must come back to their mission and visions every time they set out strategies and long term sustainability plans. Getting back at the core of the organization’s existence is very vital. It helps the key persons identify priorities, set chronological goals, and filter strategic moves. Nazer, in his company did not forget that he is a company that aims for the health and welfare of the people. Thus, his moves accord to the meaning of his existence. That is, to engage the public to take care of their health and prioritize this concern above all else. Even his community works and projects are aligned to the existence of the company.
It is important for an organization to identify their existence first through their missions and visions. It is vital that they stand with firm foundation and straight forward perspective. Any short range and long range plans must align with their purpose. Any transformational moves and necessary adaptive changes must not deviate from the foundational meaning of their existence. Yes, there must be room for expansions. What is most important is that, an organization must set their purpose first. They have to affirm it and align with it. I believe that it is the best way to achieve competitive advantage over the others and achieve sustainability.


Dineen, Jessica. (2015). “The Secret to Breakthrough Performance? Define Your Company
Purpose”. Forbes. Issue on January 12, 2015

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