Example Of Aspartame Causes Brain Tumor Research Proposal

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Published: 2020/11/05

Essentially, numerous studies have indicated that the amino acids contained in Aspartame are bound together by a methyl ester, which makes up the remaining 10%, and this is the root of all negative issues attributed to this sweetener. 1
This research paper will seek to explain the process through which the methanol released from aspartame converts into a methyl alcohol called wood alcohol. This happens in the small intestine after which it passes into the blood brain barrier. The wood alcohol is then converted into a dangerous compound called formaldehyde, which is attributed to the brain damage. It is imperative to note that, methanol is said to be toxic to humans only. However, it is safe with animals. 2
The study examines the reason as to why methanol is toxic to human body. More over, the process of breaking down of methanol into formic acid, and the consequent effects to the body are analyzed. In addition, the aspect of the neurotoxin and carcinogenic features attributed to the formaldehyde are examined relative to the oxidation process. 3
The research reveals that the aspartic amino acid of the aspartame sweetener has an ability to cross over to the blood brain barrier. The function of the barrier is to safeguard the brain from the entrance of the excess aspartame and the attributed toxins. This leaves a scenario of high risks, in the event the sweetener is used in large amounts4. Similarly, the blood barrier may not be able to protect the brain fully from these toxins because, in some cases, it might have not developed fully during childhood and even with its 100% intactness, it still allows seepage of surplus aspartame into the brain. 6
On the other hand, the research reveals that, once the toxins are in the brain, the destruction process begins with the neurons, particularly the neural cells7. Some of the healthy effects of long exposure of aspartame toxins include the Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, hypoglycemia, neuroendocrine disorders and some hearing loss problems among others 8 In addition, the research paper will offer green light on the best ways of preventing the brain damage. This will include conditioned use of this sweetener.
The research paper will offer a comprehensive explanation on the reasons as to why the sweetener is still allowed to be consumed across the globe with the FDA of US in the frontline. 9 This proposal offers an insight for more research and comparing results of various experiments.


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