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Part 1

Pan-Am Games is a celebration of culture and sport from countries across the America. The sports have a massive impact on our community by diversifying our cultural. Pan-Am Games has resulted in diverse immigrants communities within the city. This has a vibrant array impact on the native language of the city. The large trend led to an affiliate museum of Mississauga, and Heritage Mississauga has stepped up to collaborate with local students to come up with a painting project. Heritage Mississauga museum will help to celebrate Mississauga’s unique culture heritage by collaborating with this project. The massive impact will work to build awareness of our diverse cultural heritage by supporting community organizations as well as evolving a city-wide cultural network. This has made Pan-Am Games to go beyond the sports community as it gives a chance for the students to express their diverse talents in painting the columns at the Hershey Sports Complex in Mississauga. The museum will offer free exhibits, presentations and showcases space for student artists.
Pan-Am Games have magical capabilities of uniting multitude of people across the world. These games will bring people together irrespective of their races or culture. The collaborative project between the Heritage of Mississauga and the local students will conduct a conductive project on art to help achieve culture diversity in the games. The project will involve the creation of opportunities to allow the local people talented in painting to showcase their artistic skills. Therefore, it fosters a sense of unity and togetherness among the local people.
The concept of cultural diversity can be achieving only via collaboration rather than going it alone. The changes to be made will include choosing the colleagues that are more interested in painting rather than chatting and developing one's voice in the workplace. The short and long outcomes of this collaborative project will include people beginning to create imagery, text and data in the cultural projects. The benefits associated with collaborating with the community will include boosting of confidence on the future generations by providing a strong culture identity. Additionally, it will also ensure our past local heritage is honored, respected and commemorated.

Part 2

The projects that will be implemented to achieve this will include shooting Heritage Film Series, publishing a pile of educational booklets and a cultural guide. The suitable project that I will choose to implement will be shooting a heritage film because it provides information in the form of audio and video format. I understand that a healthy community has a continuous ability to preserve its' culture. The content of the film will include compilation of history and heritage of Mississauga. The film will incorporate arts and culture activities. This will help the entire community to share and understand their history and culture.
The culture of the local people in question will include their mode of dressing, talking and dancing. The film will be executed by gathering information on culture by interviewing the old people and learning the past culture of the people. The information on the film should be derived from the online and print books. The information organized should be arranged in a chronological order to enhance the smooth flow of the information. The information should be analyzed by a group of experts and presented to the producers to compile the data into a film. This digital technology project will be used to provide information on exhibitions.

Part 3

Relevant based organizations that will be involved in fostering culture, heritage, and Mississauga place are churches, ethnic associations, schools, and community social service agencies that are a key to the success of my project. Community-based arts and cultural organizations are frequently linked with the community they serve. Therefore, they are considered to have an intimate understanding of the community's culture, heritage, as well as its identity. For an individual to conduct effective culture and heritage preservation, essential competencies are required. There are various skills, resources and knowledge required for this film project to be successful.

Part 4

Individual skills and knowledge will help the film to contain the essential camera techniques making it for delivering and ease understanding of culture. These essential techniques include panning shots, tracking shot, crane shot, and track-in shot and zoom shots. For the project to be complete, the assets require camera light, video camera, Shotgun Microphone and tripod stand. However, assets needed for shooting movies can be expensive, and this calls a help from the organizations that values culture history and heritage. They can help in purchasing some of the quality tools that will enhance quality film shooting that will help in preserving culture history and heritages for centuries of years.
The Heritage film project will be properly executed with an assistance of an artist organization. The artistic organization brings more diverse artistic skills compared to a sole artist. The artistic organization will bring a team of casting directors, photographers, and screenwriters. The film production process on culture will undergo a detailed step by step process. The film production process will involve drawing the basic structure of the film story, and a movie screenplay will be written by a screenwriter. The film script will be for verification, and when it passes this stage, it will have to be financed. The finances for the imaginative projects will come from well-wishers and donors. The pre-production process will involve researching for casting directors on the internet and finding the perfect locations for shooting the film. The film should be taken from the appropriate place chosen. The film should be edited, music and sound mixed. The skilled team of the artistic organization, coupled with high-quality cameras producing highly resolution images will be perfect for the imaginative project.

Part 5

In order to bring the project team together, calls for a time for reviewing the project. I would spend time discussing the project with my team, and I introduce the project to them. The second step I divide the team to break it into small groups. Inform them what they do not know, expertise required min painting and requirements that are a need to bring out best of their talents. The last step is to conquer the task of painting the columns at the Hershey Sports Complex in Mississauga by planning team-building activities.

Part 6

The evaluation of the project will be determined by the plot twists, dream sequences, flashbacks and subplots. The imaginative project will be a success if I will be able to analyses the gesture involved, dialogue included outfit and camera angle to the theme of theme of cultural diversity. The success of the film will be measured by the artistic organization giving detailed information on the potential of the theme being addressed.

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