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Chapter 3

The abbreviation LGBTQ refers to the words which include: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. Lesbian, gay, and homosexual are the people who are interested in the persons having same-sex as theirs. Lesbian includes women who are inclined towards other women, and gay are the men who are attracted towards the men. On the other hand, homosexual are the people who can be woman or man attracted towards the same gender. While, bisexual are those who are interested in both men and women. Conversely, transgender people are very different from the rest. Transgender people comprise of the individuals who act according to the opposite sex gender which is associated with them since their birth. Therefore, either by cross-dressing, transsexual, and intersexes or by spending a part of the life living as the opposite gender, some normal people become transgender people. Such individuals are transgender because they have a perfect distinct sex from birth, but due to some of their actions they are considered as the possessing the opposite gender (Hines et al., 2010). Queer is the term used to address the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.
Anti-fat bias exists at every institution including the workplace, education, family, etc. at the workplace, the anti-fat bias is found to be rising gradually. The obese persons are affected through this biasness as they are usually indulged in unfair decisions. Employment seeking becomes a difficult task for the obese person. Moreover, in employment, the obese people are not recommended for promotions and are not encouraged. This is due to the prevailing stereotypes which state that obese persons are lazy. Also, they are not able to organize things due to lack of self-control and self-discipline. In addition, they are considered to be non-competent individuals. In 2007, around 2800 American were found to be those obese persons who have faced weight-based discrimination. 43 % of the obese people have recorded the weight biasness from their bosses and employers. Moreover, some organizations have imposed a penalty on the employees for being overweight and by 2010, 17% of the employees were under this type of penalty from their organizations (Friedman & Rebecca, 2012).
Ageism is referred to the issue by which the older employee is looked down upon. They are considered as ill, tired, less productive. Subsequently, the older people are not hired for the jobs, nor they are recruited for the promotions in the organizations despite of their experience. Moreover, with time they get retired from their job as well. The young employers and employees who possess this kind of thoughts are pivoting the system of ageism which will affect them too in their near future because they will grow old and face the similar consequences.
In the America, classism prevails in the society although it does seem significant but classism exists in America. The main evidence of the classism is the 80% of the population living at or below the poverty level. The rest of the population of America possess considered to be at richest level. This class difference is due to the inadequate circulation of money and imbalances of it distribution among the people. However, in order to unite the people and eradicate the classism, discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, has to be reduced because the fights resulting from the discrimination is the real bone of contention among people which hampers the adequate flow of money.
1. Susan B. Anthony
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2. J. Edgar Hoover


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3. President James Buchanan


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4. Eleanor Roosevelt


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5. Emily Dickinson


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6. James Baldwin


Source: http://www.out.com/entertainment/today-gay-history/2013/08/02/today-gay-history-james-baldwin-didnt-understand
Communism, socialism, and capitalism are the economic systems which are based on the different perspectives of freedom availability to the citizens. The resources are not fairly distributed in communism as the dictatorship exists and the greediness increases. In socialism, the fair distribution of resources is possible. While, in capitalism, the citizens are free in conduction of activities under the law. Hence, in the US, capitalism exists. Therefore, people are getting richer and richer whereas, the poor are not getting raised. There is no concept of distribution of resources consequently, classism exists.

Chapter 4

The Irish Americans white males were discriminated due to having relations with the Africans. The German American white males were discriminated as they were considered to be enemy aliens. They have migrated to America where they were arrested and mistreated. Similarly, Italian American white males were subjected to discrimination because they too were considered to be enemies.
Melting pot theory refers to the immigrants who prevail their culture after migration (Kolb, 2009). Therefore, Arab-Americans and African-Americans have not entirely changed their culture according to the American culture but retain their own culture as well.
If the immigrants have the following four characteristics then only they were considered to be white males and rest were considered as immigrants. Heterosexuality, Christianity, middle-classed, and Northern/Western European descent are those characteristics.
The article “Diversity Programs Look to Involve White Males as Leaders” by White (2007) suggests that the white man should be selected for the leadership in diversity. In this way, a message can be conveyed to the people that all race people are selected for diversity, and there is no oppression from any side of the race. I agree to this suggestion because if the white people play their part in diversity then the discrimination between the race and color can be reduced.
In the US society, white males are not the oppressors because they also face discrimination, harassment, and another mistreatment at various organizations. Therefore, they are not the oppressors over other people of the US society.


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