Example Of Essay On How To Make White Bread

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It is necessary to know how to make of the foods that we often use at home. One of the commonly used foods at home is bread. Making bread at home has several advantages. One of the advantages is that when one makes bread at home he or she has the freedom to add some flavorings that traditionally are not added to bread. Making bread at home can only come in handy when you are expecting many guests in which case buying bread from the supermarket may be expensive. This is especially if you had some free time that you could use making bread.


The following are the necessary ingredients for making a loaf of bread. You will require 500 grams of white bread flour that you can easily buy from the supermarket. You will also need 40 grams of soft batter, 12 grams of dried yeast, and two teaspoons of salt. You will also need 300 milliliters of warm water in body temperature and a little amount of cooking oil. You should have all the above ingredients in place when you start the process of baking bread. It is important to note that an oven and some cooking utensils will, of course, be needed.

The Preparation Process

The constituents are mixed in a large bowl. You should first put the flour into the bowl and then add the butter. On one side of the bowl of the bowl, you should add the two spoons of salt. The yeast should be added on the other side since putting the salt and yeast, and the salt together will kill the yeast. The above mixture should be stirred using a spoon or a wooden cooking stick. Do the stirring until the mixture is even mixed. At this add at least 150 milliliters of the water and continue mixing the contents of the bowl but this time using the fingers. The mixing should continue as water is added until soft well kneaded dough is formed. No flour should be left on the sides of the mixing bowl. The resulting final mixture should be a soft dough that is non-sticky.
Using a teaspoonful of oil, oil a clean working space and lay the dough on the oiled working space. Continue kneading on this space until the dough is coated with oil all over. Once it is wholly covered, continue kneading the dough by pushing it in one direction and then the other several times. It should also be turned up and down several times until it is fully elastic. The pushing and turning several times stretches the gluten in the dough, making it elastic in the process. It should be done for between five to ten minutes. Working fast in kneading will ensure that the dough does not stick to hands. In the event, that it does, flour can always be added to the hands. After minutes of kneading, the dough is put back in the a clean mixing bowl and covered with either a damp tea towel or a cling film that is properly oiled. Set aside the dough for about one hour that will allow the yeast to work. It should be double its size after an hour.
A baking tray is then lined with baking paper. The dough is put into the working space again where it is kneaded again for a short while and then placed onto the baking tray. It is covered with a cling that is lightly oiled. After 30 minutes, the dough will have risen to double its size again. Flour is sprinkled on it and rubbed gently. It is then put in the oven while on the cooking tray and cold water poured onto the roasting tray to create steam that will help the loaf develop a shiny crust. It is baked for 30 minutes at a temperature of 200C after which it will be cooked and should be placed aside to cool.

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