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Discuss the benefits of success to team members and company. If the team manager needs to re-motivate his team towards goal achievement, there are many steps to it. First one is that the positive outcomes of the achieving the goal should be clear to the employees. They should be clear about the fact that what benefits they themselves, and the organization will gain after the completion of the project. Only if they find it productive, enough they will make an effort towards it. The goals should be entirely concrete, and the individuals should be able to feel tangible rewards.
Set practical goals. The team manager might want to reset the goals of the project and make them more practical and realistic to achieve. For example if the manager is expecting employees to complete the tasks within time, he should take care of the fact that they might have had other tasks to do as well, and they would be overburdened with it, since it’s an additional duty. The manager should know what each individual of the team is capable of, and therefore set the goals accordingly. Otherwise, if the goals are too challenging everybody would fail to achieve the goal, and will feel discouraged instead.
Create Healthy competition. A healthy competition is extremely necessary for a good team. When there would be a competitive environment that would inspire the team members to achieve their goals and individuals would be rewarded for the work they do as well as encouraged and given positive feedback they would definitely compete to do better than each other which would make the work environment more competitive. (E. Clark, 2015)
Giving Control to the Team members: The team members need to be made feel as if they are in authority and have a control over what they are doing. If they would know that they just have to follow orders and a following set of rules. Passing the control over to the employees and giving them little decision-making powers that would boost their morale, and take an initiative themselves to make the most productive outcome their work.
Team Recognition: When the team members would know that their efforts are being recognized and not lost as a team effort they will work harder to make their work recognizable and distinguished from others. This would keep them motivated to do their share of work rather than being dependent on each other or not doing the task at all..
Be a role model. If the team really needs to be refocused and re-motivated the team manager has to be a good role model himself. His passion, energy and enthusiasm can stimulate similar feelings in the employees regarding work. If a team manager himself isn’t demonstrating the tasks, the team is required to perform the other team members would feel de-motivated and lose focus. If the team manager is hardworking, easy to go with, flexible, cooperative and understanding that boosts employee’s morale too.
Avoiding repetitive tasks. Though the team’s job might be very simple and straightforward but if there is a task that is repetitive it should be avoided. If the nature of job is in such a way that an employee is bound to perform those tasks repetitively some way or the other it should be made so creative, fresh and exciting in new ways that each time he performs the task he enjoys doing it rather than just being bound to do it. (Quast, 2012)


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