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The essay was written for Object Oriented scripting and methodology. The Object Oriented terminologies covered in this essay are Object, Property, Method, Class and Instance. The essay starts with describing a real life object (in this case, the chosen object is a Car), and a description of the Car is provided using the Object Oriented terminology. Later the same terminology is used to describe its behaviour and implementation for creating a software design model. A reference to a reputed website on Java technology (an Object Oriented Language) is used for describing the Object Oriented terminology.
Object-oriented designing is a software design model based on the characteristics of real-life objects. The characteristics of Objects consists of a State, Behaviour and an Identity. In Object Oriented Programming, a software program is a collection of objects that call each (Thenewcircle.com, 2013).
An example of a real life object is Car. The Car is also a class of similar type of car objects.

For a Car Object its Property would include:

Speed, Gear, Direction, Fuel Level, and Engine Temperature.
The behaviour/Methods of the Car would consist of:
Gear Change, Spead Increase/Decrease, Go Reverse, Start Engine, and Stop Engine.
The identity of the each Instance of a Car consists of properties:
Chassis Number, License plate number and Body Color.
In the virtual world, there is a Class, an Object, Properties and Methods (for accessing properties or executing some action). Each object is accessible by creating an Instance of the Class.
A class is a template or an outline for creating the objects. A class is also a prototype for defining common behavior for all similar kind of objects. Each object belongs to some class.
An object is an instance of a distinct type of class. There can be multiple objects for a single type of class. Each object of a particular type of class will have similar behavior but possibly a different state (or data). Objects are always created or instantiated. Each object will have its properties (data) and methods for performing some action (Thenewcircle.com, 2013).
A relation of virtual with the real world objects can be, that car is a class with a common set of behavior. BMW and Audi can be two objects of the type class. Both these objects will have different identity (color, license, and chassis number) and different state (speed, gear, speed, fuel level and direction). The physical cars like BMW or Audi are instances of the blueprint defined in the class type Car. The BMW object will have methods like ChangeGear, Accelerate or CheckFuelLevel. It will have properties that define its identity which are CarColor, LicenseNumber and ChassisNumber.


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