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Congress is a vital organization in the political process. It is tasked with the responsibility of creating legislation that impacts virtually every area of American society. Some bills do not have much of an effect on daily lives, but many others do. The constitution gives Congress the ability to regulate commerce, taxes, and how money is used throughout the government. Furthermore, they can declare war and determine how funds are used on the military. While many Americans typically care most about the president, especially in the elections, this is flawed thinking. The Congress actually has more powers given to it in the constitution than any other branch of government. For this reason it is important to pay attention to what they are doing and stay informed about the legislative agenda.
There are many bills that Congress has passed that effect individuals on a daily basis. For example, in November 2003 they passed Medicare prescription drug benefits. This was thought by many to only effect senior citizens as they are the ones who collect Medicare. However, this was not the case as in order to fund this project, taxes would have to be higher, which affects everyone (“Why You Should Care About Congress” 348). For these reasons, voting in midterm elections is crucial because these decide what party will control the legislative branch. Typically turnout is poor in midterms, which means the will of the people is normally ignored. Because Congress plays such an important role in the political process, these elections should not be ignored and participation should be high.
The impact of Congress on daily lives only increases when a thorough examination is done. The interstate highway is something that is frequently used and something that Congress controls. Because they control funding, the amount of money used for infrastructure is determined by Congress. Therefore, if better roads are needed, Congress is the branch of government one would need to contact. Congress also can create legislation dealing with polluted rivers, clean water, and even regulations pertaining to grocery stores. Funding for science research is granted throughout Congress, so anyone pursuing majors in physical or social science will be directly affected by the decision made in Congress. Congress has extensive legislative powers that the president simply does not have. Tax cuts, national security, and budget issues are all determined by Congress, and the party with the most influence will normally pass legislation they agree on. If someone is not pleased with how things are going, the best thing to do would be to vote on Congressmen that best align with the chosen perspective (Hamilton 28).
One of the more recent examples of the impact Congress can have was in the passing of the Affordable Care Act. This was not passed with bipartisan support, as the Democrats had control of Congress and pushed the bill through. Those who did not want this bill voted for Republicans in the next election and hoped they would take control and be able to do things to repeal or defund this piece of legislation. The best way to go about trying to impact the political process would be to write the local Congressman and inform them of the position one feels best represents their interest. Public opinion is a powerful tool in politics, which is why constant interaction with Congress is needed within a democracy.

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